Are Female Guitarists Attractive?


The world of music is flooding with all genders, with many becoming extremely professional, attaining a big cloud of audience. A good example is the field of guitars. Females have taken up the position over the years, showing how perfect they can play and entertain people. But are female guitarists attractive?

A simple answer to the question is yes. But it is clear that attractive girls do not need to be good to get attention. We cannot comment much, but according to social media results, the female guitarist is more likely to get a lot of views and likes. The female guitarist gets more attention even when the sound produced during plays is not that good. In general, many people find female guitarists attractive.

Since the mid of 19th century, female guitarists have contributed a lot to the music industry, leaving behind how attractive they look. This article discusses the best-known tried and tested female guitarists, plus the type of female guitars most girls use. Continue reading and get to increase your knowledge.

Which Are the Female Classical Guitarists of All Time?

Despite their skill in playing guitars, these female guitarists are attractive, drawing the attention of boys of the time. You could also like them whenever you listen to their music and watch their performance. They include

Female Classical Guitarists

Sharon Isbin

This guitarist is among the few attractive classical guitarists in the post-Andres Segovia age. This musician is known to be a celeb of the time, known to pioneer in the show time series of The L Word. She has also performed in the state house before boss lady Michelle Obama and her husband, Barrack Obama. She’s also known to spark collaboration with other famous guitarists from Brazil, Spain, China, the UK, Columbia, and recently India.

Besides living to play before many, she has also devoted her career to cajoling and inspiring composers in writing concertos speaking to her interests.

Ida Presti

Despite being an outstanding musician, she was attractive in the eyes of many. She also has an adorable sound that is instantly beautiful. Although most of her recordings used to be with her husband, she is known for the classical styles of guitar playing around the globe. Her solo album The Art of Ida Presti has gained popularity and is among the best-known album of all time.

Xuefei Yang

She is the first Chinese international female recognized guitarist with whom many celebrate her resonated sound with her commitment to collaboration. She’s also an attractive guitarist, which many admire. In the Songs from Our Ancestors album, in which she collaborated with Ian Bostridge, they explored music from all ages.

Maria Luisa Anido

Was born on 26th Jan 1907, in Argentina. She’s known globally for her unique and presentable skill of playing classical guitar fingerstyle. Her talent made her the best Argentine guitarist and composer of the time.

She’s known for the character of alternating Habanera rhythm with rubatos and triples, which marked the feminine and sweet nature of the piece. She also recreated an excellent atmosphere for the song ‘Adios’ specifically for the Mexicans through exquisite legato and glissandi.

Maria Isabel Siewers

She also had Maria Luisa Anido roots in playing the classical guitar. Her career began internationally after winning Concours International de Guitare de Paris, her 2nd Prize in 1974.

Her profession became popular after performing solo guitar play and recording the song ‘Mágica y Misteriosa.’ This recording happened in March 2018 in Prague. Since then, many have known her, and people still want to attend her performance shows.

Which Are the Best Guitars for Women?

Whether a beginner or professional in playing guitars, there are best female guitars that are attractive and easy to use, which many embrace. They include

Takamine GN93CE NEX

Takamine GN93CE NEX guitar is among the best and most expensive for women. It is the best acoustic-electric guitar which comes in a small size, and is best known for its full-size sound production either unplugged or onstage. You could be asking yourself why this guitar is expensive to buy? Well, each finer detail in this type of guitar makes it the choice to go.

It is in full size. Whenever you have restrictions while uncomfortable with the ¾ guitar size, you get the freedom of moving along the neck.

Its scale length is 25.4, and it has a small body than most guitars. Its small size makes the guitar’s edge more accessible and easy to play. This could be the best option for any player with a minor disability. It has a full-size neck disadvantage, but it is more playable.

The guitar offers unfettered access to the high notes, running down the neck whenever you love to play. But it also produces high sound under easy plucking and strumming around the chords. Besides, the preamp TK-40D provides easy connectivity in the studio and live scenarios. This type of guitar also provides a clear sound. The preamp present provides the sound that suits you. Therefore, using a 3-bound EQ, you can select frequencies that you want.

An inbuilt tuner in the TK-40D makes it pleasant in its touch.

Takamine GN93CE NEX Specifications

  • Back: 3-piece back black
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Sides: Black walnut/Maple
  • Finger Board: Laurel
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Nut Width: 42.8 mm
  • Finish: Natural

PRS SE Angelus A50E

This type of guitar offers a premium pick to each player using it, and it is among the best-value acoustic-electric guitars in the market. The PRS SE Angelus A50E has a warm rich sound. It has a Fishman GT1 pick up, enabling it to plug into an amplifier ideal for live performances.

PRS SE Angelus A50E comes under a premium price tag in which the sound produced is worth every dime. Its crisp end is detailed and made for air that bounds to entice the ears. Also, it has warm, low-end frequencies without causing any interference. It has a classical acoustic tone that balances the spectrum delivered. However, the manufacturers install it with low-price pickups to make it come at a lower price.

But the good sound produced doesn’t diminish whenever plugged into a PA system or an amp. The sound produced is natural and of top range; the Fishman GT1 pickups system makes it possible to achieve the tone and translate to the audience.

The position of the pickup makes it an exceptional selling point. You’ll find it under the saddle together with all electronics. Whenever you want to reach and alter the volume and tone of the pickup, you should get to the upper side of the soundhole. For this feature to be a pro or a con to you, it entirely depends on your preference.

The material used to make it warrants its price bracket. Going down to the tried, tested, and trusted top spruce, bring the punch. The bridge and fingerboard give it smooth playability.

PRS SE Angelus A50E Specifications

  • Back: Maple
  • Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Sides: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Nut width: 1.6875
  • Finish: Satin

Can Playing Guitar Help You Get Boys?

Getting to learn a skill, perfect it and become more enthusiastic about it is the key to getting boys. But you should be more self-assurance and secure to create the sensation among boys. Basically, you should be more emotional and romantic when playing your guitar. In short, you can use any hobby to attract boys and vice versa.

female guitarist

If you want inspiration, look at the rising and famous guitarists. What do people comment on them? Probably the comments are encouraging.


Female guitarists are attractive. However, it all narrows down the choices and preferences you want. For a girl to be attractive, she doesn’t need to be good in people’s eyes to get attention. In short, if you have a skill and perform it before people, you’ll likely get their attention and become attractive to them. Generally, female guitarists are attractive even if they do not perfectly know how to play the guitar.

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