Are Guitar Humidifiers Necessary?


One of the most common and biggest injustices you do to your guitar is not storing the instrument properly. Are guitar humidifiers necessary? This is the question you often ask yourself.

The simple answer to the question is yes. It is essential to have a guitar humidifier to keep guitar wood humid all the time. Extreme weather conditions can have a drastic effect on the overall tone of your guitar. Loss of moisture from guitar causes wood to shrink, resulting in cracks and other problems.

Why Did I Decide to Buy a Guitar Humidifier?

Benefits of Guitar Humidifier

Owning an expensive instrument from a top brand brings great joy to you. The solid and top-notch wood will play like a dream but maintaining it is much harder than you think. A humidifier ensures that the guitar’s wood is hydrated and in the best condition. Once your guitar’s wood has dried, there is no reviving for it, unfortunately.

guitar humidifier

Effects of Low Humidity on Guitar

The proper humidity level for the guitar increases its lifespan. You shouldn’t overlook this part of guitar maintenance. Pay special attention to the guitar’s wood, and don’t allow it to dry. This small step will ensure the enjoyment that will last for many years.

Conversely, too much humidity on a guitar can also damage it. That’s why you should always have a thermometer and hygrometer with the humidifier. According to research, guitars work best at 35 to 50 percent humidity and 70 to 75 degrees.

The Right Time to Use a Guitar Humidifier

You should use the humidifier whenever the humidity level goes below 35 percent. You can often experience such dryness during the winter when the air is cold and dry. This dry air can be damaging to your guitar.

My Experience

Remember that the need to humidify your guitar also depends on the region you live in. The place where I live has a very high level of humidity during summers. That’s why I don’t need to use a guitar humidifier during the summer season. But the weather is so dry during winters that I often get dry skin and a dry nose.

In such dry weather, I use a humidifier in my guitar room. In this way, my guitar can also breathe. I do this to maintain the level of moisture in the air that is healthy and beneficial to the wood of my guitar. Dry air can soak all the energy from my guitar and crack and damage it over time.

Depending upon where you live, modify the use of a guitar humidifier. Feel the difference in humidity and find the ideal time to add a humidifier to your guitar.

A guitar humidifier is a best and cheap invention that can protect my guitar in the best possible way. You should also pick a top-quality guitar humidifier if you want your expensive piece to last for a long time.

When Should I Use the Guitar Humidifier?

If your guitar is resting in its case for a long time, consider using a guitar humidifier until or unless the location you are in has a sufficient level of humidity. If your atmosphere is dry like dessert, it’s a good idea always to have a guitar humidifier.

For example, if you live in Arizona in the United States, you should buy a guitar humidifier as soon as possible. Air in this area is so dry that it can damage your guitar within a short time. If you want your guitar healthy always, buy a humidifier as early as possible.

Hygrometer to the Rescue

If you are unsure about the humidity content of your area, then buy a hygrometer. It’s better to have a hygrometer in your guitar room. This device will monitor the air’s humidity level and let you know when to use a guitar humidifier.

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Best Ways to Keep the Guitar Humid

Keeping your guitar humidified is very simple. You just need to have a hygrometer and a simple humidifier. A hygrometer is necessary because this device will tell you when to use the humidifier and when to stop using it.

guitar hygrometer

If you play guitar only occasionally and the guitar is resting in its case, place a guitar humidifier in it. But make sure to regularly check the humidity levels.

Another way to ensure the right amount of humidity in your guitar is to have a whole-house humidifier. In a dry area, you might already have one. If not, then get one as soon as possible. A whole-house humidifier will make sure that your guitar is safe from dryness.

Another simple and notable way to keep your guitar humidified is to get a small room-sized humidifier. Place that humidifier in the room where your guitar is present. But I personally don’t recommend you to use this method. It is not as practical and helpful as the other discussed methods. You will also have to pay more attention to the maintenance of the humidifier. You have to regularly add water and clean the tank to keep it free from mold and mildew.

Which Is the Best Way to Maintain the Humidity Level of Guitar?

I recommend putting the guitar in a guitar case when not in use. Place the guitar humidifier in it. This method will cost you much less money than other previously discussed ones. Guitar humidifiers also require much less maintenance while they do their job. Guitar humidifiers will keep your guitars at the proper humidity level, especially when the air is dry in the winter.

Recommended Humidity Levels

As previously discussed, the recommended humidity levels are between 35 to 50 percent. But I aim to achieve at least 40% or more humidity. The range is not difficult to achieve. Just a little effort and the right humidifier can do the job. Even in the winter time when it is extremely dry in my area, I can quickly achieve 40% humidity with just a guitar humidifier.

As excess of everything is bad, a humidity level exceeding 60% can also be damaging to your guitar. Just like less humidity can cause wood to dry out and crack, excess humidity can cause the wood to warp. That’s why strive only to get humidity levels of up to 50%.

Some guitar humidifiers come with an in-built hygrometer. The hygrometer will let you know every time the humidity levels will go beyond the limits, either upper or lower. These humidifiers are handy and keep a check on humidity levels.


Just buying a guitar humidifier and installing it is not enough. Keep a close eye to maintain the correct humidity level. Check the wood every few days to ensure that the sponge is not dried out.

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