Are Guitar Straps Universal?


Sometimes you find it crucial to use straps to secure your guitar around your arms when playing. The unsecured guitar could cause difficulties when playing and may result in a poor play of the guitar. But are guitar straps universal?

Guitar straps are universal. They can work with any guitar of your choice, either electric or acoustic. All types of straps are expected to fit on any guitar correctly. Besides, some of the straps come with decorative features. You could use such features to enhance the outlook of your guitar.

Straps are of different sizes; you can also adjust them to the size of your choice. You could also find them in different colors and materials. They also differ in prices, and selecting the right strap that best fits your requirement entirely depends on the size of your pocket.

Whether professional or beginner, do not get tired of reading this article to improve your knowledge concerning guitar straps. Every possible question you’ve been asking yourself is answered in detail, and this article could greatly help you.

What Are Guitar Straps?

Guitar straps are pieces of leather or fabric materials that help in supporting guitars while a player is standing. These straps are attached to the guitar’s sides using button-like connectors. They exist in different styles, colors, lengths, and widths. You could also find them with enhanced features like an inner-side cushion to provide the player’s shoulder comfort when playing. If you want to buy any guitar strap, it’ll be of help if you consider the material, locking mechanism, width, and length. However, depending on the size of your pocket, you can buy guitar straps of your choice. Guitar straps have prices ranging from $40 to $80 on average. There are also straps with prices greater than $100.

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Do Straps Work on Bass?

The attachments of guitars straps are universal hence can work on bass. However, if you want straps to work best, there are different factors to consider. They include

The Length of the Strap

When compared to other guitars, bass guitars are normally played at a low point. So, consider adjusting the strap length whenever you already have a strap. All straps have adjustable features, so ensure measuring its length so that it can be adjustable on the bass guitar to offer comfortability when playing.

Strap Width

You have to choose the strap’s width depending on your guitar’s heaviness. When compared to regular guitars, bass guitars are much heavier. A wider strap helps distribute pressure; this could, in turn, provide comfortability when attached to a heavier guitar and lower the chances of digging your shoulder. Consider using a width of 2.5 or more guitar straps for the bass guitar.

Stretching Ability

It is crucial to buy a functional and sturdy leather tanned guitar strap. The most recommended one is the chromium tanned straps. Chromium straps can comfortably stretch without holding up a weight. If you want to use heavier guitars like the Taylor acoustic-electric, make sure you add shoulder pads that can perfectly work and be durable.

Which are the factors to consider when buying a strap?

When you want to buy a strap, there are factors to consider. The factors are highlighted below:

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The Material

To select the material influences the durability and comfortability when on your shoulder. Below are the common materials you’ll likely find on guitar straps.

Leather- most straps are made from leather due to their durability and aesthetic values, and it is more comfortable. You’ll find leather straps of different styles and colors. These leather straps are also found in different heaviness, and selecting one will depend on the choice you want.

Suede- suede is also a popular material you’re likely to find on straps. Suede is normally best on their looks, and this feature makes it pricy. Such straps made from suede material are more adaptable to humid conditions and serve best to sweaty individuals. Besides, they are more durable and offer comfortability to use.

Polyester- you can easily print design and dye polyester. This character makes them made of different designed options.

Color and Design

The color of the strap does not influence its performance. But it could be best if you select a desirable color that aligns with your style preference. For example, study and skull straps could be best when playing rock music.


Most of the straps you’ll come across can be adjusted beside the existence of longer and shorter straps. For the tall guitarist, it will be best to use longer strap options. For the shorter guitarist, it’s best to use shorter straps.


The width of the straps determines the support your shoulder will offer. Also, width determines the pressure distribution of the guitar’s weight on the shoulder. The wider straps help distribute pressure on the shoulder, providing comfortability when supporting a heavier guitar. This will help in improving stability and comfortability. However, if you are not comfortable with the strap you’re using, you can fit a shoulder pad underneath. Shoulder pads help improve comfortability.


If you’re a beginner, the guitar options for beginners are of low price. This also has significance on the straps to use for beginners. Most of the strap budgets for beginners range below $30. The straps under that budget are mostly cotton or nylon and normally have excellent leather endings. However, they are also secure, more comfortable, have a nice look, and can be durable depending on your maintenance. The straps with values over $100 are best for heavier instruments and offer comfortability.

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How Can I Know the Size of the Strap to Buy?

The size of the strap to buy depends on the height of the guitarist. For the taller guitarist, longer straps should be the option to select. For the shorter guitarist, shorter straps serve as the best option. However, straps are adjustable; you can adjust them depending on the size choice you want.

Are Acoustic and Electric Guitar Straps Different?

The debate concerning guitar straps has risen over the years, with different people coming up with different conclusions. However, you’ll find not much difference in the straps between the two types of guitars. If you were to conduct your research, you’d find that straps fit all types of guitars. However, the manufacturers normally equip guitars with specialized buttons. So, before purchasing the type of strap, ensure they fit on the guitar’s button. This button helps in selecting the best strap compatible with the guitar. But, the strap chosen has nothing to do with the type of guitar. The only difference observed is in the design.

Merits and Demerits of Strap

Lower pressure on the shoulderThe quality strap is expensive
Enhances quality sound productionWhen worn out, the instrument may smash down


Guitar straps are universal. They can fit in any guitar of your choice. If you want to purchase a guitar strap, there are factors to consider. They include price and material, affecting its durability, color, width, length, and stretching ability. Due to their heaviness, it’ll be best if you select a more study and skull strap for bass guitars.

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