Are Guitar Wall Hangers Safe?


If you have ever been to a guitar shop, guitar museum or any other place with many guitars displayed, you would have seen

Guitar wall hangers are very safe for your guitar. Although there might be some slight issues in the long run, these issues are generally considered very unlikely and minor.

The few issues that might come up with using a guitar wall hanger, in the long run, will be discussed, and we will look at the best and optimum way for you to use wall hangers.

Are Wall Hangers Safe?

When getting a sensitive instrument like the guitar, you have to consider where you’ll place it. Do you place it in its case and rest it somewhere? Lay it against the wall in the corner of the room where it’s unlikely to be tampered with? All these options come with their downsides.

Wall hangers are a common way of avoiding the issues that might come with the aforementioned ways of resting your guitar. The logic behind them is quite simple. As the guitar is a solid instrument, laying it against the wall can lead to accidents where minor touches make it fall and incur damage. Wall hangers avoid this by ensuring that the guitar won’t fall except if it’s extremely disturbed by someone or a freak incident.

However, there are still some slight concerns with using wall Guitars. As with almost everything you try, it is not safe. Some of these concerns will be discussed in the next section.

Issues With Wall Hangers

As stated previously, one should be under no illusions that it is safe to leave guitars on wall hangers. It is just not true. There are some circumstances, rare and otherwise, that might come up to make wall hangers harmful for guitars.

Hanger Coming Off The Wall

This can be a catastrophic incident and could be many reasons for it. Chief among them is an improper installation in the first place. Also, a faulty wall can lead to the hanger coming off suddenly.

It doesn’t have to be said that such a fall will likely lead to damage to one or more sensitive parts of the guitar.

However, this problem is highly preventable by ensuring that the wall hanger is well fastened in place. Also, you should frequently check the wall hanger and tug at it to ensure that it will be able to take the weight of the guitar. That being said, don’t inadvertently pull the wall hanger off while testing it!

The suboptimal Humidity level in the room

Every guitar has an optimum range of the desired humidity level. As wall hangers leave guitars exposed to the atmosphere of the room, a high humidity level can lead to the wood swelling and warping. In reverse, a low humidity level can lead to wood cracking and splitting.

There is a risk of falling in event of natural disasters

If you stay in an area with a high risk of natural disasters like earthquakes, it is advised that you should steer clear of guitar wall hangers. This is because any such disaster will probably make your guitar fall, an incident that admittedly won’t be the worst happening during an earthquake.

Hanging for a long time can affect the neck of your guitar

This is a theoretical issue that might come up after quite a long time of hanging your guitar on wall hangers. The headstock or neck of the guitar bears the brunt of the total weight and this can lead to the neck becoming warped.

However, this mostly won’t be permanent damage as you can resolve it by using a hex key to reposition the neck to its normal position.

Advantages Of Using Wall Hangers

Enough of the gloom. Since guitar wall hangers are used so widely, they can’t be bad, right? If everything is done properly, you will very much enjoy hanging your guitar every time you put it to rest. Some of the reasons so many people use guitar hangers are:

  • They are convenient to use: This is one of the most important reasons wall hangers become in use for guitars in the first instance. Do you get home tired after a long day? Just hang your guitar and rest. Rushing out to a show? Just pluck it off the wall.
  • They save space: Another benefit of using wall hangers is that you do not have to worry about space. This is particularly pertinent if you own a lot of guitars. Since the wall would probably be empty otherwise, hanging the guitars is a foolproof way of saving space.
  • They are good for display: Many guitars are beautiful, and most people don’t like hiding beautiful things. Having a guitar or guitars lining up on the wall can add great aesthetics to your room while displaying the instruments to visitors. Additionally, the principle of “In sight, in mind” applies as seeing your guitar every time you are indoors will motivate you to play more.
  • They reduce the risk of an accident: While it is still possible for your guitar to run into an accident while on a wall hanger, it is less likely that it will fall or get trampled upon.

Looking at all these, it is clear that wall hangers are one of the best ways you can rest your guitar after everyday use. 


Wall hangers are the go-to way for guitarists to rest their guitars when they are not playing them. While there can be a few issues if the guitar is left hanging for a very long time, it is highly unlikely that you will ever get affected by such things if you follow the proper wall of securing the wall hanger in place and take proper precautions.

It is also important that you invest in the best wall hanger you can to prevent accidents that could be caused by mediocre products. Furthermore, if you won’t be using your guitar for a long time or you are travelling, it is best to keep the guitar in a hard case.

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