Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?


If you are a music enthusiast and want to learn to play guitar online, you can find tons of online lessons on the Internet. But are online guitar lessons worth it?

Everything from time signatures to keys, chords, scales, phrasing, and arpeggios can be learned online. So, we can say that online guitar lessons are worthwhile. There is nothing you cannot learn online; if a musician practices and loves the guitar, everything else is secondary. As you may know, the guitar is a popular folk instrument widely used worldwide. Many music instrument enthusiasts are self-taught, but now most are utilizing the advanced technology to get a tutor.

In this article, we will tell you why online guitar lessons are something you can learn guitar from and how to do so!

Why Are Online Guitar Lessons Worthwhile?

It is not surprising that you can learn guitar online, given the dominance of distance learning. Online guitar lessons can be taken in various ways, including live video calls or pre-recorded lessons.

The only requirements for taking online guitar lessons are a guitar, webcam (optional for some lessons that require it), internet access, and of course, the desire to learn.

Listed below are the benefits that make online guitar lessons worthwhile:

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No Need to Carry the Guitar Around

Since you do not need to transport the guitar anywhere, learning guitar online is convenient. Online lessons allow you to learn while relaxing in the comfort of your home. Additionally, if you choose pre-recorded lessons, you can learn anything at any time!

Helps to Save Time

The time you can save by taking guitar lessons online may be its most significant benefit. Online lessons lessen the need to travel to attend the classes, spend time there, and head back home, as well as the troubles of scheduling conflicts. For those balancing multiple commitments, online learning can be very beneficial.

More Flexible Schedule

Lesson cancellations frequently result in student frustration, which impacts learning. The advantage of taking guitar lessons online is that you or your instructor have preplanned the class and can compensate for any missed time in case of urgent discontinuation. Online instruction aids in avoiding unpredictable situations. And it gives you the most flexibility possible when scheduling your lesson.


The most significant benefit of online guitar lessons is their greater functionality. The process is more functional because you can tape your classes for future use. If you are facing any problem remembering a particular lesson, you can replay the video to see what you skipped. And this makes the whole learning process more effective.

Learn From Different Instructors

When taking classes online, you always have the option to learn from as many instructors as you’d like. You will be able to obtain pooled knowledge and avoid a single person’s viewpoint in this manner.

Set Your Required Goal

You are free to choose how quickly you want to learn. You can always set your goals according to your needs and work toward them at your own pace until they are completed.

Disadvantages of Online Guitar Lessons

Online lessons can be helpful if you’re keen to know how to play the guitar. A few drawbacks, though, are also important to consider. Here are some disadvantages of online guitar lessons.

  • The most significant disadvantage of online guitar lessons is that you can’t play and listen to the lesson simultaneously because your guitar is too loud.
  • It can happen that the session wrecks and interrupts your learning if the Internet becomes intermittent on either end.
  • Due to the unstable internet connection, you might occasionally experience poor sound and music quality. This will make it harder for you to understand the rhythms correctly.

Are The Time and Money Invested Worth It?

Definitely, if you pick a credible forum that teaches you properly and professionally, the best digital lesson tools are well worth the investment. Locate the channel that fits your needs, and you should see improvements quickly.

Consider hiring a teacher if you can afford it and have the time to do so. However, joining online guitar lessons or watching free recorded lectures on platforms such as YouTube will be your best option if times are hard.

Does Online Guitar Learning Work?

Without a doubt, online guitar lessons are excellent. You can’t take a guitar and start playing like a skilled guitarist immediately without any practice. No one can teach you how to be pro without your eagerness to understand, so you must put in the hard work. However, online guitar lessons can help you choose the perfect approach, as they can help you improve your skills significantly.

Man Take Online Guitar Lessons

You can gain much information and mastery by following a good online resource. Even though it will take time and patience, the ability to practice your skill anytime you like gives you some added support. For beginners, things are pretty easy to understand, and you can find numerous resources to initiate the learning process how it fits you.

How Can You Pick an Online Guitar Program?

You need to figure out what satisfies you the best to learn the guitar. You’ll probably consider a random platform for someone who might take more time to grasp the fundamentals, or if you have a knack for picking things up rapidly, you can challenge yourself to exercise more. Utilize trial version periods to assess the tempo of a platform’s tutorials before determining it for online lessons.

Here are some of our best online guitar lessons:

  • Guitar Tricks
  • JamPlay
  • Guitar Instructor
  • Yousician
  • Guitareo
  • JustinGuitar
  • TrueFire
  • Guitargate
  • Fender Play
  • Orange Learn

End Thoughts

For many guitar players, online guitar lessons are a beneficial tool. This could be the perfect or, in some cases, the only choice available to many learners. It is always crucial to have a plan for whatever you want to rehearse, even if you only use virtual guitar lessons.

Online guitar lessons may be challenging, and there may be content that is not readily available, so it is best to work with an online tutor to get assistance where you may be jammed. An organized course is the ideal way to learn the guitar online. The most important thing of all is to try to practice and play. That is something that neither a tutor nor the Internet can assist you with.

Have fun learning and playing guitar!!

Sourav Biswas

Music is my life and I love to play guitar so much. It's been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a musical family, and my parents were always supportive of my passion for music. I am also a freelance writer who has been writing for over 10 years. I have written for both online and offline publications, including Amazon and Medium.

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