Are Sigma Guitars Good?


You might be hesitant to purchase any specific brand if you want to learn the guitar or are purchasing a guitar for the first time. Similarly, you might have heard about Sigma guitars. But are Sigma guitars good, and should you buy them?

Sigma guitars have a high rating and are worth buying. With a collection of acoustics that will suit everyone from the earliest stages players to seasoned professionals who need an acoustic to perform, Sigma guitars are commonly considered the best acoustic guitars in the industry in addition to quality.

This article will assist you in learning everything there is to know about Sigma guitars. So let’s have a look at the evolution and history of Sigma Guitars.

An Overview of the Sigma Guitar’s History

Sigma guitar is a brand of guitars that C.F. Martin first featured. He has made this move in an effort to meet the growing demand for cheap guitars made in Japan and other countries.

Sigma Guitars

Martin ceased manufacturing Sigma guitars in 2007. The German company AMI Musical Instruments GmbH purchased the name “Sigma,” and then re-launched a brand of Chinese-made guitars.

Prior to selling the brand to AMI, C.F. Martin & Co. had allowed the U.S. rights to the Sigma brand trademark and name to backslide; St. Louis Music of Missouri has since acquired those rights, so AMI was not permitted to use them. So, the US sold them as Kinder Guitars.

After a couple of years, the production of these guitars relocated to Korea, with the establishment of new model numbers and the creation of new logo. Since then, each guitar displayed prominently “Sigma Guitars Est.” on the headstock.

Sigma Guitars’ Product Line

Now check out the product line of Sigma, which makes it so worthy.

  • Classical guitars
  • Acoustic
  • Acoustic basses
  • Ukuleles

These are all part of the modern Sigma product line.

In terms of acoustic guitar styles, Sigma guitars offer a wide variety that covers everything. Sigma makes them all, from Travel-sized and Parlor guitars to Dreadnought, Jumbo acoustics, and Mid-sized. Many shapes and styling will be identifiable since they still closely reflect the Martin range.

Despite the exponential growth of the Sigma Range in past years, they cover pretty well any body shape or fashion preference. Sigma has a variety of instruments that will suit your needs; either you want utmost dreadnought with pickup on board and a cutaway or an OM.

Additionally, Sigma has a selection of Sunburst musical instruments that look amazing. Although not derived from Martin guitars, these guitars indeed encapsulate the aesthetic of Americana Folk guitars and come in a range of styles, including the Jumbo with a Moustache bridge and Parlour.

Resonators Guitars by Sigma

Sigma also carries a few resonator guitars to make sure that they capture every acoustic guitar style. Since the RM-140+ has a round neck and is available for purchase with or without a pickup, this guitar was made with guitarists in mind.

Classical Guitars by Sigma

Without very few traditional nylons string guitars thrown into the mix, hardly an acoustic guitar variety would be complete. Whenever you plug in a Sigma classical guitar, you’ll get terrific Spanish and flamenco tones just because of the onboard pickup systems of the classical Sigma guitars.

Why are Sigma Guitars Good?

Let us explore some of the distinctive characteristics of Sigma guitars to understand what makes them so special!

Sigma guitars are worth buying because they are:

  • Made of the solid spruce top
  • Have rosewood spruce board
  • Comes with a solid Mahogany neck
  • Effective from a financial standpoint

Sigma Guitars get rave reviews for their reasonable prices yet excellent guitars and ukuleles. The solid tops on Sigma guitars are a top-quality feature rare at this price level. They feel familiar because they have C.F. Martin-licensed characteristics, but they are much less expensive than you might anticipate.

The Sigma guitar company manufactures their guitars using solid wood or laminated plywood timber. All the recognized sigma guitars have wooden lower back and laminated sides.

How Well-Made are Sigma Guitars?

The acoustic guitars made by Sigma are known for being among the best value ones available, and they are available for players of all skill levels who need a guitar for a jam session. Sigma guitars have exceptional sound and build quality and have dominated their industry for over 40 years.

Sigma Guitars—Are They Suitable For Beginners?

Because they are affordable, sigma guitars are a good choice for beginners. The 000M-15 Sigma guitar has an excellent acoustic sound. Any other guitar cannot match its quality at this price. The Sigma guitar is a good tool for beginners and advanced players. Due to its versatility, you can conveniently play in any style you like.

Guitar Beginners

Even though you can always customize it to your preferences, it is still very comfortable and has a well-designed setup, making it simple to play. It is excellent for seasoned musicians. Musicians respect these guitars a lot, and Sigma makes high-quality instruments that are well-made and sound great!

Conclusive Words

Sigma has been continuously truthful since its comeback in 2011, and its new models only fortify this prestige. For instance, the Sigma Guitar GMC- STE+ model demonstrates how much ease it offers for acoustic guitarists at the starting level, given the ongoing advancements in manufacturing technology and the intense brand competition. The standards of Sigma guitars go beyond those of a beginner’s instrument. Sigma offers a vast guitar line, including acoustic basses, classical, ukuleles, and acoustic. The performance of its most recent models further strengthens the Sigma guitar company’s dedication to its founding principles.

Considered one of the most valuable acoustic guitars on the market, Sigma guitars are mainly for beginners and professional players who need a guitar for gigs. Sigma guitars offer outstanding quality in structure and timbre, and for over decades, Sigma has been at the forefront of its technology. Therefore, we believe that Sigma provides some of the best guitars you can get, especially for the price point they offer!

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