Best Guitar for Female Beginner 2022


The moment you purchase your first instrument is a beautiful experience and one you’ll never forget. It’s crucial to select the best guitar model for your needs and one that keeps you engaged in your new interest as you improve your abilities.

If you have the best guitar, you’ll find playing the guitar easy and entertaining and feel much more confident. The more you enjoy your guitar, the more inclined you’ll feel to continue playing it and improve your technique.

However, how do you distinguish the best guitar for female beginner with so many options available on the market? Don’t worry! We have listed the top guitars for female beginners to help you find the right instrument for your hands. We’ve also offered extensive buying guidelines to help you make the best decision.

Guitars for Female Beginner: How do they stand out?

Guitar is a popular instrument used by anyone irrespective of gender. But here is an interesting fact, children and women suffer from disadvantages in guitar playing because, biologically speaking, they have smaller hands than men.

Therefore, when searching for the perfect guitar, selecting the best fitting that allows you to feel comfortable while playing is essential. But here’s the good news! Numerous acoustic and electric guitars are available because of buyers’ colossal demand. Finding the right fit is simple If you are clear on what you’re looking for.

However, how do you know the most crucial factors to consider when selecting the right beginner guitar for you? In the beginning, you’ll need an instrument that can provide a constant level throughout your practice sessions.

Additionally, the guitar should be constructed to last, especially if you plan to use it outside, play with your pals, or perform live shows. The last and perhaps most crucial – aspect is it should sound great.

Checking these boxes should not overspend your budget for a beginner at this point. Here is a list of acoustic and electric guitars that provide the comfort beginner female guitar players can enjoy. All the products are reviewed based on their musicality, ability to accommodate at a lower scale, and price.

Best Acoustic Guitars:

1. Martin’s LX1E Little Martin Acoustic Guitar – Best Overall

Little Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany HPL Construction, Modified 0-14 Fret, Modified Low Oval Neck Shape

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as of October 8, 2022 5:39 am

The Martin’s LX1E Little Martin has been one of the most sought-after Acoustic guitars in the past ten years. It is a 3/4-sized electric acoustic guitar with a solid Sitka top made of spruce, high-pressure laminate sides and back with a 23″ scale, Fishman Sonitone guitar pickup, and Richlite guitar’s fingerboard.

It’s smaller than the standard acoustic guitar, making it the perfect travel-size guitar equipped with a great pickup system, and it is shipped with an insulated gig bag.

Children, females, beginners, and people of smaller size will likely enjoy it, but they’re not the only users. Professional musician looking to upgrade can also use this fantastic guitar to travel with when touring or on business.

It’s also worth noting how well-constructed the instrument is. It’s a top-quality instrument that should last for a long period. The tuners maintain their tuning very well, and the overall structure is well-constructed.

The acoustic guitar has an attractive and classic steel-string tone that can be played acoustically or amplified. The fingerboard and bridge the of the guitar have a dense ebony appearance. The dark-hued HPL sides and back look like a dark and rich mahogany, with the back’s core material offering an ebony-colored binding line to provide an elegant feel.

The guitar’s sound will reflect its size to a certain extent. It’s not as full of volume as a large guitar, but, again, you wouldn’t anticipate it to, considering its size. But it’s a great guitar and is reasonably loud for its size.

It’s much louder than most smaller guitars and has a clean and clear sound. Martin offers it using 13 gauge strings for acoustic guitars, improving the Tone and volume. The solid top can help to make it more resonant, and it will sound better as you play it as you wear down the top over time.

With the plug-in, the Martin LX1E performs similarly to guitars with an under-saddle piezo. This means it can compete with bigger guitars using similar pickups. It’s a nice toned pickup.

There’s a reason why this guitar is one of the most sought-after small-bodied acoustic guitars. It sounds fantastic, especially when plugged in, and is incredibly easy to play. It’s not quite as big in size and projects as low as a larger acoustic; however, it’s an exceptional choice for female beginners; you need to try this out.


  • Well-crafted
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Great amplified sound 
  • Fantastic sound quality for the size compact


  • It is a bit sluggish in the lower-end
  • Not the similar projection as a full-size acoustic                   

2. Taylor’s BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Runner Up

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top

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as of October 8, 2022 5:39 am

Taylor’s BT2 model is among the top guitars of its scale. It features an American mahogany top and neck width of  1-11/16”, which can help women or any beginner guitar players in the smaller sizes with less agility.

The 3/4-sized dreadnought also has laminated sides and back with Sapele. The form is unique compared to other Taylor models after being improved; the curves on the top and sides are smoother, making it more comfortable in your lap.

With 22 1/4 inches scale length and 19 frets attached to the ebony fingerboard, it is highly comfortable and easy to play the guitar. It has a smaller version of the classic Taylor neck profile, making it ideal for players with smaller hands or young children.

The thinner, lighter dreadnought body gives the player better accessibility to strings making it a great guitar for playing fingerstyle. The slightly smaller nut width makes playing complicated chords easy for beginners and advanced players.

There’s a limit on how powerful and complete an instrument of this size can sound. Dreadnoughts sound the way they do due to the size and dimensions of the body. So it’s unrealistic to expect Baby Taylor to deliver an identical sound.

But it does have an incredibly balanced and smooth sound profile that is well balanced and mellow. Arched backs and bracing inside provide impressive performance and volume, and although it’s not equipped with the “boom” like a fully Dreadnought, it’s loud enough for campfire singalongs and writing sessions.

The most striking characteristic of BT2 Baby is the mahogany top; it’s beautifully finished and exceptional. The mahogany top is uncommon since most guitars feature a brighter spruce top. This is a deliberate choice, as mahogany has a deeper, mid-range sonic profile that gives this guitar the warmth and richness that other guitars of the 3/4 size lack.

Sapele is a similar dark tonewood characterized by an even more prominent low-end than mahogany. When paired with mahogany’s top, the Sapele layered sound creates an expansive soft, clear, clean sound. It’s a warm, sweet-to-the-touch guitar with an excellent projection for the size of the instrument.

However, to keep this guitar for a prolonged duration, it’s necessary to use a humidifier made of a sponge to stop it from desiccating. Additionally, keeping your acoustic guitar in a humid area will become more susceptible to warping.


  • Decent action
  • Well balanced
  • Mellow sound profile   
  • Remarkably loud
  • Exceptionally constructed
  • Ideal size for a small child or a female
  • Comes with a helpful backpack-style soft carrying case   


  • Requires extensive care to keep it in good working order

3. Yamaha’s FS820 Acoustic Guitar – Also Great

Yamaha FS820 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar, Natural

$289.99  in stock
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as of October 8, 2022 5:39 am

The Yamaha FS820 has a folk-style bodied guitar that produces its voice using a solid Spruce soundboard, laminate Mahogany sides and back, and bracing with a scalloped design. The sound is clear and lively throughout all levels and doesn’t disappoint in the bass or treble registers.

Overall, the tone is exceptionally pleasing and would make a perfect singer-songwriter instrument that is semi-sonorous and has an easy-to-record, balanced sound.

The guitar has a simple design and style yet is appealing enough to draw interest. Not overly done by excessive application of a smooth coat of urethane which adds a refined look to the guitar. The natural hue from its Spruce top, mahogany sides, and back provides an unfinished canvas beautifully complemented by cream-colored bindings.

The tiny Pearloid inlay dots along the neck are used for markers but can also enhance the design with smaller diameters than the usual large pearl dots. The leaf inlay and the renowned Yamaha logo are visible to the viewer, while the black headplate houses an unlucky set of bulky tuners made of die casting.

From the heel bolted up to 1.69 within the nuts, it provides a relaxing carving experience. The uniformly distributed shape between the low and high frets suggests this shape is developed for people of all ages. It also gives an easy way to position the hand in the needed position.

The FS820 by Yamaha is the best acoustic guitar in terms of making it more comfortable for the playing capabilities of an instrument. Yamaha refers to the guitar’s body as a compact body style. The guitar’s body is less than a conventional dreadnought with the right proportion of curvature.

This is why the guitar feels comfortable to your fingers and is easy to play. Because it has a rich sound and is comfortable, you can play it for long periods.

The classic combination of mahogany tonewoods and solid spruce creates a balanced sound that has a low end but focuses on the highs and midrange, making a mellow sound.

However, the projector of the FS820 remains adequate and more extensive than anticipated. It’s capable of strumming, but aggressive strummers will be better off with the larger FG820 because the smaller size and lower level of volume on this guitar are prone to distortion when too much power is used.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Scalloped X-Bracing
  • Excellent Quality
  • High-End Performance for Budget Guitar


  • Not a huge voice (it’s on the low end)

Best Electric Guitars:

1. Ibanez’s RG450DX Electric Guitar – Best Overall

Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Electric Guitar Starlight Blue

$449.99  in stock
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as of October 8, 2022 5:39 am

Ibanez’s RG450DX RG series is among the top-performing electric beginner guitars. The guitar features an elongated body with a double cutaway that gives incredible fret accessibility to play lead guitars.

Its body style resembles a Stratocaster. However, its unique pickup design makes it better suitable for rock and other genres.

At this cost, one might expect to find a guitar constructed using basswood or a cheaper tonewood. The RG450DX has an amazing mahogany body that produces powerful growls that can cut into the sound, yet it’s articulable enough to avoid becoming muffled. Additionally, mahogany is renowned for its amazing sustain.

The neck of this guitar is made of maple. It’s solid and durable enough to resist warping and adds clarity to the playing. The wood used to construct the electric guitar plays an integral part in shaping the sound, but the pickups also play a role. This guitar has Quantum pickups. They are a fantastic value and sound better than the ones you’ll find on the lower-end models.

Its one-of-a-kind HSH configuration makes it stand out; Quantum 3 pickup for the neck position, Quantum S3 single coil for the middle pickup, and Quantum 4 pickup for the bridge. Two humbuckers that are slightly different is an excellent idea. It allows you to achieve more tone variation from your guitar. Also, having a single coil can sometimes benefit those who want to get away from metal and rock.

The Ibanez’s RG450DX shines in the area of pickup switching. Most mid- and low-end guitars come with a simplified switch; however, the five-way switch in this model offers many choices. There’s a master volume along with master tone controls.

The majority of people will likely be using this guitar via high-gain effects. We believe that the Quantum pickups perform beautifully in this way. They have just enough crunch, and they’re also clear enough.

This electric guitar is extremely playable because of its Wizard III maple neck. The Wizard necks made by Ibanez are famous for their ease of playing as they are fragile, making it simple to move down the neck and back up quickly.

The neck has a jatoba-style fingerboard; jatoba is exceptionally tough and durable, so it isn’t susceptible to pitting or wear excessively. Lastly, this guitar has a D tremolo bridge. The RG450DX offers high-end performance, playability, and style. The only downside of this guitar is that it’s tough to tune.


  • Humbucking bridge pickup, neck pickup, as well as a single-coil middle pickup makes it extremely tonally flexible
  • Slim Wizard III neck is speedy and is comfortable to play
  • The DL tremolo bridge lets you increase your options for playing, and it’s always in tune
  • The eye-catching Starlight Blue Finish and Shark tooth Inlays make the item stand out when placed on the stage


  • Requires to be set up and tuned intonation
  • Tuning the guitar isn’t as easy

2. Epiphone’s SG Special VE Electric Guitar – Runner Up


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as of October 8, 2022 5:39 am

Epiphone SG Special VE electric guitar is one of the most affordable electric guitars available on the market. If you’re a novice guitarist, intermediate player, or who enjoys jamming all night on stage, this is an incredible guitar at a reasonable price.

As this is a low-cost guitar, it’s pretty surprising that the body is constructed using solid alder. This gives a premium tone to the guitar. The neck made of hard maple with the 24.75″ scale and a SlimTaper D-shape shape, means it’s quick and straightforward to play.

The guitar also comes with the KillPot switch that turns off the guitar for one second when pressed; this gives guitarists the ability to control the instrument’s tone. It’s quite a fun button to play around with.

The Tune-o-Matic bridge and the StopBar offer this SG Special with decent sustain and tuning stability. The body’s contour and neck allow it to play at a more rapid pace, and don’t strain your hands.

The body part of the Epiphone SG is made from an alder and maple laminate, while the neck is composed of an ordinary maple piece. Whereas all hardware has chrome applied to it, creating a subtle contrast to the darker hue of the body.

The guitar also features an Open coil Humbucking that is noise-free. They’re a must to create the gritty, groovy, sharp sound you wish to create when you play rock. Epiphone manufactures every guitar they make with the Tune-0-Matic bridge. It helps to make changing the strings simpler.

Although electric guitars are incorporated into a broad spectrum of genres, each electric guitar model is made with a specific sound in the head. For instance, the Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar is best suited to the hard rock genre, which is loaded with overdrive. Although this guitar can handle distortion effectively, it handles overdrive better.

If you’re looking in search of an electric instrument of excellent quality but does not cost much, this electric guitar is an ideal purchase for beginning to learn and experienced players to create.

However, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing if you’re a guitar player seeking an uncluttered and clear sound. There is a fair amount of differentiation between single-note pitches, but if you’re looking to play precise and subtle sound, you’re likely to have difficulty finding the tone you’re looking for.


  • Affordable
  • Fast neck
  • Easy to adjust to a lower level
  • It has a timeless style and feel
  • Sturdy, well-built, and constructed to last
  • It produces a high-quality “classic rock” sound
  • The body feels light but is well-supported when you play
  • The guitar stays tuned, even after a long jamming session


  • Some fret edges must be sanded
  • The action requires a skilled set-up for play
  • There are no dual volume and tone controls   
  • Finish is susceptible to scratches and scrapes
  • The output jack is placed in an awkward location   
  • The guitar strings aren’t of high-end quality  

Buyer’s Guide: Best Guitars for Female Beginner

The most beautiful female guitars aren’t easy to find. However, it’s not impossible either. Many electric and acoustic guitars can be classified as the best guitars for female beginners, and choosing one suitable for your hands isn’t too difficult.

If you know what to find in the top female guitar, locating the perfect fit can become very easy. You can consider many factors such as body type, neck radius, scale length, and tonewood types when purchasing a brand new guitar to make the decision easier.

Acoustic Vs. Electric Guitar

It’s among the most challenging decisions when just beginning your journey. Do you prefer electronic or acoustic? There’s no right or wrong choice for this particular situation. It’s entirely up to you.

Your personal preferences concerning music are the main deciding element. If you’re into thrashing high-gain metal, electric guitars are the best option. If you’re seeking gentle folk nostalgia, you can try acoustic guitars.

Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Acoustic guitars are constructed to give a deep sound without needing electric amplification. Of all kinds of guitars, they’re the most frequently employed in the folk-country, singer-songwriter, and bluegrass genres. However, they are also sometimes used in blues, rock, and R&B.

Parents often ask about the differences between beginning on an acoustic and electric guitar. They are the same instrument, and the concepts you learn on one instrument are transferable on the second. But, an electric guitar can be the most suitable beginner guitar to learn since it’s more comfortable to play as the neck is a little narrower and the string is a lot easier to push down.

The Advantages Of An Acoustic Guitar
  • Does not require any additional amplifying
  • It is possible to amplify the sound with an adjustable pickup
  • A bright sound that is perfect for chord playing
  • A better instrument for your first purchase saving money by not needing an amp
The Disadvantages Of An Acoustic Guitar
  • A lot of models require an additional piece of equipment to connect to an amp or sound system. This makes it harder to hear while performing with the band.
  • The range of sounds and tones is limited
  • It has heavier strings, making it challenging to play for beginners
  • A few smaller-scale models for beginners aren’t well made

Electric Guitar For Beginners

Of all the guitars, they are the most well-known style in contemporary music. Electric guitars can only produce the slightest of sounds on their own when connected to an amplifier; they can open up a whole world of possibilities for a wide range of sound effects. Electric guitars are primarily used in metal, rock blues, pop, jazz, country, and R&B.

The Advantages Of Electric Guitars
  • Easy to play than classical
  • They are available in various sizes, and they’re ideal for kids
  • Multi-faceted and capable of creating a variety of tones
  • It is used in popular music styles
  • The amplifier can be set to as soft or loud as you want
The Disadvantages Of Electric Guitar
  • You will require additional equipment like the amplifier as well as a connector cable to get an immersive sound

Factors To Consider When Buying A Guitar

Here is a list of factors and features you should consider when buying guitars:

Body Type

The guitar’s body is what draws you to pick it up. The visuals will guide your choice. You’ll want to be fashionable regardless of your gender. But, there are a couple of other aspects to take into consideration.

Measurements will play a significant impact on how comfy you feel. It’s crucial to know the depth as it is often overlooked. Make sure that your elbow passes through the guitar’s frontal edge.

Do you love playing lead or rhythm? If you’re looking to create an exciting individual, the cutaway guitar will allow you to achieve higher notes.

Have you got a particular tone you want to achieve? Think about guitars that have additional tone switches to give you more flexibility. When you expand the number of options, there are more options to alter the tone.

The most enjoyable, easiest to play, comfortable, and simple to use guitars for female students are Parlor guitars, Auditorium guitars, and Concert size guitars.

Scale Length

The distance between a guitars nut and bridge is called the scale length. It is typically dependent on the size of the body of the instrument. The smaller the body is, the smaller the scale length. However, there are some exceptions.

Smaller guitars have longer lengths, while bigger ones tend to have smaller scale lengths. Small scales are any length under 24, 34 inches, while a large scale is anything over 25 inches.

The scale length has an enormous influence on the sound of the guitar. It’s recommended to test different lengths to determine the one most suitable for you.

For starters, ensure you can reach over the top part of the guitar headstock. This is a simple way to ensure you’re comfortable with the length of the scale.

For those with smaller arms, the smaller scale lengths of 23.5′ from 24” are more comfortable. A scale measurement of 25+” is considered full-size, and you’ll be amazed how much an inch can add.


The shape of your guitar’s body depends on your frame; finding the perfect size for women’s guitars could differ slightly. Although most women can do playing a large-sized guitar, You should look at different body designs as well as shapes, sizes, and necks to make sure you’re buying a model that’s suitable for your needs.

Neck’s radius

A rounded neck with a smaller radius provides more comfort when playing chords. However, the larger radius with a smaller curve will appear “faster” and feel more relaxed when playing solos or melodies. The circular 7.25 diameter will be visible on electric guitars, but classical acoustics may have up to a 20-millimeter radius.


The wood used for the neck and the body will be of different types, resulting in different densities and weight levels. Basswood, Alder, Mahogany, Swamp Ash, etc., are all types of tonewood. Mahogany is a heavier wood, alder is medium-bodied wood, and Basswood is lighter and more comfortable to stand on.


While they may appear like long, slender lengths of fishing wire, the type and quality of strings for guitars you buy can significantly impact the sound and performance of your guitar.

Different materials influence the timbre of your guitar, but the ease with which they can bend, how easily they keep their tune, and how they feel your fingers. Acoustic guitar strings are typically heavier, with a higher gauge, and have a warm sound than electric guitar strings.

It is evident that the nylon strings of guitars are constructed from nylon, and steel-string guitars use resonant materials such as bronze and brass. On the other hand, electric guitars use thinner gauges and components more responsive to magnets, such as nickel, steel, and chrome.

String gauges determine the thickness of a string by one-thousandth one-thof one inch (e.g., A 20 gauge string would be 0.02 inch thick). Each set of strings you purchase will have different gauges listed, which can be a significant element in your guitar’s overall playability and tone.

Higher gauge strings are harder and sometimes painful to play for those who are new; however, they will yield a bigger, more warm, and more pronounced sound.


What’s the best option for a female beginner?

There’s an unsettling perception of people of all ages that acoustic guitars are the best way to go for beginner players, and, honestly, that’s not true. They are both six-string instruments tuned to the EADGBE standard.

Various play styles are linked to the guitar, chords, or scales, and the strength of the fingers are transferable abilities. Additionally, acoustic guitars tend to be less noisy, and parents/partners/ housemates recommend an instrument that doesn’t sound all over the place while beginners slowly learn scales.

The truth is, electric guitars are simpler to master for someone just starting. The strings are usually lighter, putting less pressure on the developing finger callouses that will help you get over the initial pain.

It’s much easier to achieve a larger, more booming sound from the electronic guitar (via an amplifier), so you don’t require the same muscle power to get a significant volume. (although electric guitars can become extremely loud when coupled with an amplifier, you can connect headphones to allow for quiet practice.)

Electric guitars are generally smaller and lighter, making them easier to get used to. The fretboards of an acoustic guitar are more spacious and less responsive when pressed down. This is a further benefit for beginners who are considering the electric guitar.

How much does it cost to buy a guitar?

Acoustic guitars, specifically classical guitars, can be bought for less than $100 with a bit of searching, but quality guitars cost $500 or more. Even an electric guitar for beginners will likely cost at least $100 to $300 without the amplifying device. But top-quality electric guitars cost more than $500.

Remember that when you purchase electric guitars, it’s not only buying the instrument but also an amplifier and other devices like a cable, VST, audio interface, and DAW software which increase the cost significantly.


There are plenty of options for the best guitars for female beginners. When choosing the best female guitar, it is all about you and your needs. There is no problem anymore when looking for a particular size or brand. Many guitar makers consider this an opportunity to increase the reach of their brands and the people who buy them.

If you are looking for the ideal guitar, opt for the best quality that has been tested, and do not compromise on the sound quality. If you’re on the lower end of the spectrum, it is necessary to put in additional effort when learning you can play the guitar; however, eventually, you’ll be there.

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