Can Guitar Be Learnt Online?


Playing guitar is learned through technical lessons. Beginners may find it hard at first since they are starting. Courses are often paid but sometimes free. If you have gadgets and an internet connection, can guitar be learnt online?

Generally, yes, you can learn guitar online. Several guitarists obtain their skills from the web. Professional guitar teachers offer free lessons on Youtube. They also provide free and paid courses on their websites.

Learning guitar is available in a variety of methods. You just need to allot time and dedication for it. In this article, we will discuss the different ways to learn a guitar.

Can I Learn Guitar On My Own?

You can always learn guitar on your own. This is one of the common questions of people who are interested in studying it. Several beginners have learned the basic fundamentals, techniques, and music theory on their own.

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Numerous guitarists have this “playing by ear” skill. They just need to hear the song on the radio or music platforms and they know how to play it on the guitar. Although this might seem at a professional level, you can possess it as you train regularly.

Technology nowadays is tremendously accessible. Online courses, pre-recorded tutorials, and more are available. If you’re planning to learn the guitar, these are useful tools that can guide you on your journey.

Some beginners may also find it difficult to acquire guitar-playing skills. Unlike going to a music school, learning it on your own requires discipline, dedication, and consistency. This means you must schedule your practice daily or weekly and quickly develop progress.

The period of learning a guitar depends on your practice. The mastery level lies in what you want to learn. A lot of people just wanted to learn it for leisure purposes. Others might want to pursue a career in it.

The process may take a long time. You may also experience pain at the tip of your fingers. With continuous practice, your fingers will develop calluses which can reduce sensitivity when fretting the strings.

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Are Online Guitar Lessons as Good as In-Person?

Learning a guitar with a teacher in person is more efficient than online guitar lessons. Although both choices have pros and cons, having a professional in front of you is different. They can guide and correct you immediately if there are mistakes.

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Leaning through guitar lessons has a lot of options today. You can learn it through online lessons or private teachers. Remote lessons through video calls are a great pick too. It will solely depend on which you think you’re comfortable with.

Online guitar lessons have disadvantages and advantages. Check out these factors that can help you decide.


  • You don’t need to leave home. It allows you to learn it even if you have packed schedules especially if you are living in a remote place.
  • You can choose a teacher from overseas as it is not restricted to your area.
  • Cheaper than hiring a teacher in person.
  • Help is always available while learning
  • You don’t pressure yourself in learning a lesson


  • No physical teacher can correct your mistakes.
  • The screen of your teacher is reversed.
  • Computer and internet connections are not dependable.

In-person private guitar lessons have several benefits that may suit you. It also has a few downsides.


  • Teachers will monitor your progress and homework.
  • It will mold you to understand music and develop your talent.
  • In-person teaching is more comfortable and they can explain all their expertise to you.
  • You have schedules that will urge you to constant practice.


  • The selection of teachers is limited.
  • In-person guitar lessons are an expensive choice.

Where To Learn Guitar For Free

As long as you have gadgets and an internet connection, you can start learning a guitar. The only drawback in learning on your own is you don’t know where to start. It results in unorganized learning and skipping.

Youtube is one of the recommended platforms to get free lessons. This is where most of the self-taught guitarists started their journey. You might have heard a lot of people telling you they learned it by watching videos online.

Professionals offer basic lessons and technique tutorials on Youtube. Several videos teach one lesson then they don’t upload follow-up tutorials. This leads you to look for another video that will mess up what you learn.

Numerous guitar teachers nowadays provide step-by-step lessons for free. You don’t need to sign-up as they made a playlist for their lessons. Sometimes, they number their videos in their titles to make it easier for you to search.

Apart from Youtube, there are websites online that offer free courses. Some of them may only require your email address and sign up. You can search them on your search engine and a long list of recommendations will show up.

One example of the free online guitar classes is Justin Guitar Beginner Course.

Best Paid Guitar Lessons Online

Free lessons are a good option since you don’t need to pay. Paid online guitar lessons, on the other hand, provide complete courses. You don’t need to find another video to supplement the first lesson since it is usually packaged.

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Here are some of the most notable best-paid guitar lessons online:

  • Guitar Tricks
  • Active Melody
  • Trufire
  • Guitargate
  • Justinguitar
  • JamPlay

Guitar Tricks have been recommended by a lot of people in forums online. They offer courses with different teachers which is advantageous. Take note that only one teacher may lack or skip certain skills, techniques, or lessons.

If you’re willing to pay, you must ensure where to acquire effective lessons. It’s important to understand your teachers properly. Learning everything from scratch is similar to a baby trying to learn how to walk.

Paid guitar courses also offer exclusive and excellent videos. It’s more convenient than free lessons on Youtube. Always remember also that with the lack of consistency, your learning process will slow down.


Playing guitar is difficult to learn for starters. You need to have that eagerness and passion to acquire knowledge. Online or in-person lessons are different but they will exhibit exceptional lectures to help you grasp the lessons. Once you’re able to understand it, you’ll also have an idea of how music works in any kind of musical instrument.

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