Can You Learn Guitar at 30?


Has learning guitar been your life-long dream, but you have not had the chance, and now that you are thirty and free, you are finally ready to learn. Or you just picked interest in learning how to play the guitar. Now, you want to know, “can you learn guitar at 30?

Yes, you can learn the guitar at 30. In fact, you can learn the guitar at 60 or 75, as learning a guitar has nothing to do with age. And even though there are pros and cons of learning at specific periods, you can learn to play the guitar whenever you want.

Reasons You Can Learn Guitar at 30

Do not be deceived by some myths that suggest otherwise to you learning a guitar at 30. Here are some advantages you have when you learn guitar at 30.

A guy learning guitar at 30

You Know Your Music Taste

It must mean you love music if you still want to learn guitar at 30. And you must have learned a lot about music over the years, so you have a more advanced knowledge than you would have had when you were a kid.

Also, you must know the preferred music genre and what you would rather stay away from.

Knowing your choice music genre will go a long way in your starter life, as you will be able to choose lessons you can learn quickly. And you will be able to practice more enthusiastically than a younger kid will.

You Will Be More Disciplined

If you want to learn how to play guitar at thirty, you must have thought it through and considered different factors before making the decision. So, this will help you be more determined and disciplined than a fascinated teenager who is learning because he saw his favorite artist play the guitar.

And if you look back at all you have learned and achieved, learning a guitar will seem minor to you, and you will be able to learn with that much faith in yourself.

Also, research shows that about half of students who start learning at a young age tend to drop out before turning 17 due to boredom or other factors. It is unlike that this will happen to a 30-year-old determined to earn guitar at that age.

Finances Do Not Limit You

If you are learning guitar at thirty, you are most likely more financially stable than a teenager who has to ask the money from their parents. Also, you can easily budget and save up towards getting the best resources, tutors, and equipment. 

This does not mean you might not have some financial limitations, just that since you command your cash flow, you can easily navigate and plan around it to get what you want.

You Can Learn at the Right Pace

There are different reasons a teenager learns the guitar; parents’ decisions, peer pressure,  the urge to look cool, etc. All these factors might pressure the kids to want to know the guitar and learn it fast.

But as a 30-year-old, you can easily learn the guitar at your pace. You are not pressured to be the next star, nor are you under compulsion to learn. And if you wish, you can take a break and pick up when you are free; the tutor will be more empathetic because they understand your situation.

And since your desire to learn is not to impress someone but because you love it, you can enjoy the process more.

You Have Technology at Your Disposal

If you had to learn guitar 15 years ago, you would not have had the opportunity of learning from the many innovations available now. Now,  you can learn faster by practicing with the online lessons and games available.

Once you have your tablet or smartphone, you can access the online lessons anytime at your convenience.

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Advantages of Learning Guitar at 30

Apart from advantages when learning guitar at 30, here are some benefits you get from learning at thirty.

30 Years Old Woman Learning Guitar Online

It Reduces Stress

One of the side effects of being thirty is that you are usually tired and need relaxation techniques. Well, if you learn a guitar at thirty, this is one of the pros you can experience.

After a long, stressful day at work, you can simply pick up your guitar and play for some minutes. Playing the guitar can soothe your nerves, and music is an excellent form of meditation.

Then you are killing two birds with stone; you relieve your stress and practice playing the guitar.

It Improves Motor, Cognitive, and Social Processes

If you could not learn to play the guitar when you were young,  you can learn it at thirty and still reap its benefits. Playing musical instruments is associated with improved motor, social, and cognitive processes. So, not only is nothing stopping you from learning guitar at that age but also that health research encourages it.

Limitations of Learning at 30

A Child’s Brain Learns faster

Children and teenagers can quickly learn new skills, including how to play the guitar, because their brain is still developing and can adapt to change quickly. This does not mean you will not be able to learn, but it might take longer.

Less Free Time

At thirty, you are probably shuffling in between jobs with bills to pay and other commitments, so you might have less free time than a high schooler will have. But the good part is you are better at time management, and with your dedication, you will be able to learn it.

Pros and Cons of Learning Guitar Any Age

6 – 12A child’s brain learns fasterLess free time to play with peers
13 – 19You can learn easilyPeer pressure to be sound
30 – 45Finances do not limit youYou have less free time
46 aboveYou have more free time to learnYour muscles are not as strong as the younger generations’


Now that you know that there are just a few limitations to learning the guitar, it is time to pick up your guitar lessons. Schedule your time to learn consistently, budget your finances to get all you will need, and buckle down.

Most of all, have fun while at it.

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