Can You Ship a Guitar in Its Case?


The ultimate concern when you want to ship your guitar is safety. You do not want the guitar to reach its final destination in a mess. There are several steps you have to undergo but most of all, can you ship a guitar in its case?

Yes, you can ship a guitar in its case. You can even bubble wrap or align the interior with a spongy material to protect the guitar by preventing any possible damage that could occur on the way. It would help if you also considered providing additional padding to the neck of the guitar before shipping. This is because the neck is more delicate when compared to the other parts of the guitar.

However, there are several measures and steps to take when shipping your guitar or any other musical package. From package preparation, separating the loose parts to the final packaging and shipping are the key steps to knowing if you want to ship any musical instrument. All important information is given in detail, and this article could be of great use.

How Should You Pack Your Guitar for Shipping?

Every guitar owner’s concern when packing guitar for shipping either locally or internationally is safety; you want the package to reach its intended destination in the perfect condition possible. So below is what you need to do to make everything right when shipping:

guitar shipment with case

Prepare the Guitar to Be Packed

If it’s about shipping your guitar, there are multiple things to consider, such as keeping the instrument in a box. The first task required of you is loosening the strings of your guitar. The loosening of the strings is to reduce tension exerted on the neck of the guitar by the strings.

If strings are not loose, the neck of your guitar is likely to warp due to the movement and the variation in weather conditions during shipping. Plus, other vital and delicate parts of the guitar need proper handling. They include the headstock. They help hold tuners in place, and their absence means no guitar. So, how should you protect it? If you want to protect tuners correctly, use bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides a soft sponge that helps shock absorption, which could be subjected during shipping.

Separate the Loose Parts

Another key thing to consider is making sure all moving parts are separated. The guitar’s moving parts to be separated include capos, cables, Allen keys, and tremolo arms. The movement during transit could make the metals rub on the guitar. And you do not want this to happen. So, placing these components in different pockets in the case is required before packing the guitar. Also, you need to use the correct padding material in between the fretboard. You can use strips of newspaper or a piece of cloth to do the work. You do the padding to prevent the chances of the string brushing up the fretboard.

Use the Right Guitar Case.

After everything is done, you must find the right guitar case. The case could serve best in any chances of external interference during shipping. Avoid using gig bags if possible because they never give enough protection, although they are easier to pack and cheaper.

What is to keep in mind is that shipping attendants may not handle your case delicately. The attendants may even throw up and down during loading and offloading. So you have to ensure your guitar is well protected by using the right package that can guarantee safety in case of anything.

For best protection, try using an SKB case as your package. It’s well-known for the incredible services it offers. But you can go for any choice that best fits the purpose.

When shipping using a rectangular universal guitar case, you may find some spaces left unfilled. On such occasions, the guitar may sway around the box during shipping, and it could end up damaging your guitar. To correctly and rightly fill the spaces left, use pieces of paper or bubble wrap. This will help in minimizing movements of the guitar while in the case.

When done filling up the spaces, try to shake the case to inspect any chances of the guitar swaying around.

Packing the Guitar in a Box for Shipping

When all is completed, the final thing to do is pack your guitar in a box for shipment. You can use any box for that case. However, there are guitar shipping boxes you can buy on the market. So it becomes an easy process to track the dimensions.

The boxes you buy should be a good fit if you use a hard shell case. Also, after inserting the case into the box, inspect for spaces and fill them up to prevent swaying around.

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Which Are the Tips to Safely Ship a Guitar?

Packing is among the crucial steps in the shipping process of your guitar. However, you must take more steps to make the shipping process successful. Below are some of the tips that could be of help along the way.

electric guitar is in a cardboard box

Counterchecking Courier Regulation

Observing rules and regulation is among the key things to consider, whether in the courier’s favor or your favor. Therefore, you must proofread the regulations carefully and understand them. Get to know the policy of goods damaged while transiting for any delicate packages. Because that is the category your guitar belongs to.

You can go for other courier options if the policy never satisfies you. This will help avoid any issues in case your guitar gets damaged during the transiting process.

Check the Courier Insurance Cover.

There are reasons why you value the guitar you’re shipping. It could be because it’s expensive and you do not want to miss compensation in case of damages. For this reason, check on the insurance policy. If you find the insurance policy to be unsatisfactory, you can also go for other courier options.

Use Courier Offering Delivery Tracking.

Where your guitar is time-bound, it could help you in case you need to perform somewhere. Companies offering delivery packing help keep track of the movement. It’ll always keep you posted on the place your package reach. For this reason, you can intervene in case of any issue and streamline the problem.

Seek for Signature Upon Delivery

When shipping any package, use a shipping service that requires the recipient’s signature upon delivery. There could be a fee, but it’s worth it. And because a guitar is a delicate product and very expensive, it’ll offer peace of mind after being assured that it reaches its final destination and the recipient safely.

Which Are the Items You Can Ship in the Us?

However, there are items that you can ship and those that you cannot ship out of the US. The table below shows the items you can ship in Us and those you cannot:

Checking the shipment
Items you can shipItems you cannot ship
Drum setCigarettes
ElectronicsDry ice
Sofa setAlcoholic beverages
ClothsNail polish


You can ship your guitar in a case when shipping. Plus, you can enhance the case by offering more protection to prevent the guitar from any damages that could happen when in transit. However, there are things to keep in mind and implement to avoid any possible damage. They include loosening string tension to prevent damaging the neck. And also, separate loose parts and pack them in different pockets in the case to prevent rubbing against the guitar’s finish.

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