Can You Use a Drum Amp for Guitar?


Amplifiers are great to have when you are playing an instrument. It can help turn the sound of your instrument into high quality. For each instrument, there is a dedicated amplifier that you can use. Let’s say you already have a drum amp available at your disposal. You might wonder if you can use a drum amp for the guitar. Well, the answer is here for you.

Yes, you can use a drum amp for your guitar, but don’t expect the sound to be at its highest quality. Aside from that, you can also damage your instruments. It would be best if you used your guitar amp for your guitar and your drum amp for your drums.

When playing in gigs or even during practice, you must get the best possible sound quality with the right amplifier, so using a guitar amp is still the best way. This article will talk about the benefits and negatives of using a drum amp for your guitar. It will also talk about the best guitar amps that you can find on the market.

Using Drum Amp for Your Guitar: Everything You Should Know

Amplifiers are equipment that are used to amplify the sound of a particular instrument, like guitar and drums. Its role is to increase the volume or sound of a particular speaker. Now, using a drum amp for your guitar is possible, but it may not be the best option for your guitar.

It will work for guitars but will not work as well as a guitar amplifier. I may be stating the obvious, but drum amps are for drums while guitar amps are for guitars. Drum amps can handle different sounds that a drum can make.

It can accentuate the different highs and lows of your guitar too much, which is something that you don’t want to happen when you’re playing your guitar. As I’ve said above, it is possible to use drum amps for your guitar.

All you have to do is turn the base and treble down on the amp while the mids are turned up all the way. It may produce a pretty decent sound with an electric guitar.

Benefits of Using Drum Amp for Your Guitar

Using a drum amp for your guitar is the cheaper option. If you already have a drum amp, then there’s no need to spend money buying a guitar amplifier. Also, drum amps are more affordable than the prices of guitar amps.

Another benefit you can get from drum amps is that they are smaller than guitar amps. This means that you can easily stash it away or bring it around to different locations. However, drum amps will still take up a lot of room even though it’s smaller than guitar amps.

If you are a fan of avant-garde music, then using a drum amp for your guitar is the best way to go. You can produce unique sounds that will work well with this style of music.

Negative Factors of Using Drum Amp for your Guitar

There are more disadvantages to using a drum amp for your guitar than benefits. The main disadvantage is it’s not designed for guitar use. The drum amplifier is meant for amplifying different beats and sounds that the drum kit produces.

A guitar amp is made to give the best possible sound as well as volume for electric guitars. When the drum amp is used for guitar, then you will get poor sound quality. You won’t have any control over the sound you produce through the amplifier.

With a guitar amp, you can fine-tune the sound leading to the best sound possible. Using a drum amp will scramble the frequencies, and it is not possible to adjust these properly. It doesn’t matter if you fine-tune the dials on the drum amp. It’s still not possible to get the quality sound you need.

Now, this may not happen often, but there is a possibility that you may damage your instrument by using this method. So it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The Best Guitar Amps You Can Use: Produce Great Sounds!

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp: Best Smart Amp

The Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amp is the first on the list for a good reason. This amp took a BIAS tone engine with smart technology to provide the best quality sound possible for your guitar. You can get 30 amp models and 40 effects with this guitar amp.

Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier, Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp (Spark)

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2 new from $249.00
as of November 27, 2022 10:26 pm

It also features Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream music. Aside from that, it has ⅛ inches aux and headphone inputs. It also comes with USB inputs and outputs. You can use Spark as your audio interface while playing your guitar.

The Spark feature will allow you to get your next great idea which is a great feature when you are working on a piece or a song.

This guitar amp also comes with learning tools that you can use. It will help you while you are playing the guitar and make learning fun at the same time. The Auto Chords feature can find any chord charts for any song that you want.

The Smart Jam feature can create an original backing track that will help you play any song you want. It comes with a Smart App where you can unlock different tones.

Boss Katana 100 MkII: Best Backup Amp

The Boss Katana 100 MkII is great for people who are starting to learn how to play the guitar. You can experiment with different sounds through digital effects.

Boss Katana-100 MkII 1x12 inch 100-watt Combo Amp

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It will give the guitarist a chance to play with sounds and combinations. Also, this feature will help them find the best sound for them.

Now, this amplifier is known to be the best backup amp that you can get. Aside from that, it is the best first amp to get. If you are a newbie to guitar and want to purchase an amplifier, this is the best choice for you.

It has various Boss effects, such as a great selection of sounding amp models. You can easily move from practicing to gigs with this amplifier.

You can also hook this to the Katana modeling amp, where it will give you access to deep editing. This is also the best amp to use if you want to record directly into your digital audio workstation. This can be done through a USB connection.

PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti Head: The Best Lunchbox Amp

The PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti Head is the best lunchbox amp that you can get. Mark Tremonti and PRS are known to be the longest-running partnership in the world. The compy offers a wide range of affiliated signature guitar models. This is the first amp that they made in collaboration.

PRS Paul Reed Smith MT15 Mark Tremonti Signature Guitar Amplifier Head, 15 Watts

$749.00  in stock
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as of November 27, 2022 10:26 pm

This lunchbox amp has two channels and switchable output power. These features are great when you’re practicing playing the guitar. Aside from that, it is also great for practice, recording shows, and small gigs.

It has individual EQ controls and has FX loop feature that is the cherry on top. It is a decent package for amplifying your guitar. Now, the only downside to this product is there’s no onboard reverb.


Even though you can use your drum amp for your guitar, it is not advisable. There are plenty of guitar amps that you can use. Keep in mind that guitar amps are for guitars and drum amps for drums. Each has its own role in ensuring the sound quality of your instrument is of the highest quality. Happy playing!

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