Can You Use Any Guitar With Rocksmith?


Rocksmith is a game known to help you hone your guitar skills. It is the best tool to have, especially when you are a beginner. To play the game, you might think to yourself, ‘can you use any guitar with Rocksmith?’ The answer is here for you.

Yes, any electric guitar will work with Rocksmith. All you have to do is make sure the guitar can be connected through a Real Tone Cable. All electric guitars will work well with the Rocksmith, but there are some guitars that are best to use with it.

When you want to learn to play the guitar in a fun way, Rocksmith is the answer. This article will talk about how Rocksmith can help you learn how to play guitar. It will also talk about the different benefits that you can get when using Rocksmith as your tool for learning guitar.

Know What Rocksmith Is and How it Can Help You

Rocksmith is a video game designed to teach a person how to play the guitar. It is a fun and relaxed setting where you can enjoy learning. The game will teach you how to play proper notes and play chords of different classic rock songs.

If you have experience in playing the guitar, there is a chance for you to improve when using Rocksmith since it can feed you complex notes. It has a beyond-central game mode that consists of 11 games you can play.

These games will help you improve your foundational techniques. It will teach you techniques like fretting, skipping strings, and much more.

Learning to Read Music Through Rocksmith

The only thing that you cannot learn through Rocksmith is reading music. The game only uses tablature for its interface, so you will only see music notation. For consoles like PS4, the game displays different notes on the screen.

The screen will display the entire guitar fretboard. This means it can highlight plenty of particular frets that you would need to play for each song. You can easily identify a note and get accurate fret at all times.

Rocksmith will teach you how to play riffs but will not teach you any guitar chords.

Benefits of Using Rocksmith: Be In the Know

Rocksmith is made by Ubisoft, and the best thing about it is it stands out. It is a practical way of learning how to play the guitar. You can simplify a song that is great for beginners and those who want to improve their skills.

You won’t get the typical confusion that usually a beginner feels when learning how to play the guitar. Also, there is you don’t need to worry about technicalities, and you can learn guitar to whatever musical preference you choose.

You can use Rocksmith for both acoustic and electric guitar. As long as you can hook up your instrument through Real Tone Cable, then you are good to go. You can also configure the game to whatever you please if you are a beginner.

However, it’s best to have the proper setup done if you are a serious learner. You can use different guitars with Rocksmith. Whatever you think best suits your learning goals, then that should do.

Best Features of Using Rocksmith: Great for Learning

Building Your Own Guitar Gear Kit

With Rocksmith, you can play notes to whatever song you please. You can do this by using an amp or pedal so that you can evaluate your audio. If you are not using the proper tool, then it cannot be very clear to determine the exact tones and sounds.

Gameful Thinking Learning

As we all know, musical education is crucial if you want to hone your skills. Also, it cannot be very easy for newbies to learn how to play the guitar. Having a game learning tool as your tool can make learning fun and easier.

The learner can learn what they need to know and enjoy themselves while doing it. You can turn failures into challenges and challenges into fun. Rocksmith will allow you to measure your understanding of how you progress with the game. The game can show you should learn more.

In-Depth Tutorials and Unlocking Capabilities

With the right instrument, you will get the content you need right away. Rocksmith has plenty of tutorials and mini-games that you can play. These are designed for beginners to set the right foot forward in learning the guitar.

As we all know, learning can be a bit daunting sometimes, but Rocksmith has learning functions that will make you comfortable. As long as you get a suitable guitar that you can play, you can tap into your inner guitarist self.

Using Rocksmith on Your Acoustic Vs. Electric Guitars

Both acoustic and electric guitars will work with Rocksmith as long as you choose the right fit for your playing needs. There are some guitars that are designed for beginners, while others are compact. There are also guitars that can be packed easily. All you have to do is take your pick.

When it comes to acoustic guitar, you have to make sure that it has an electric pickup. You should be able to plug your guitar straight into the software. The following section lists the best guitar you can use with Rocksmith.

Yamaha Pacifica Series: The Best Guitar to Purchase

The Yamaha Pacifica Series is perfect for beginner guitar players. It is sturdily built with good playability. It is also a guitar that is great to use with Rocksmith. It has an alder body that you can only find in high-end Fenders or boutique guitars.

The body of the guitar can provide a clear, balanced tonal response. The neck is made from maple. You can expect fast and smooth playing with this guitar. The jumbo fretboard is made from Indonesian rosewood.

You can get three pickups on the body control of this guitar. It is arranged in HSS configuration. Aside from that, it has a humbucker bridge pickup and two single-coils. With these features, you expect flexibility while you play.


Rocksmith is a game that will help you unconventionally learn the guitar. If you want to stray away from the classroom or one-on-one learning, Rocksmith is your answer. It has plenty of fun features that you can use. Remember, learning doesn’t have to be boring. You can always turn learning into something fun and interesting!

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