Do Guitars Come With Straps?


When buying a guitar, you would want some of the items included. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend extra cash to buy them. No one wants to experience additional expenses after buying a new thing. For that reason, do guitars come with straps?

The majority of the basic guitar models come with a strap. At the same time, others may only come with a single strap button. For such cases, you’ll need to install a second strap button or purchase a strap that could tie around the headstock. Most of the straps coming with guitars are usually cheap for a start. Besides, they are normally uncomfortable neither are they secure.

Before deciding the type of guitar that best fit your choice is crucial to have maximum knowledge about the straps. If you do not want to fall victim to selecting the wrong strap, you’re in the right place. Everything of importance is discussed in detail to help you learn and master.

What Is a Locking Strap?

Straps said to be locking are typical of ratchet-type connections, with their ends able to grip-strap buttons while locking into place. Lock systems normally come with locks that can install on the strap along with some special buttons for receiving the strap lock. Such lock systems are inexpensive, and it’s easy installing them.

When the strap is locked into place, the chances of strap failure will be minimal regardless of the guitar’s weight. And if your strap has a cracked body or broken headstock, consider replacing it.

What Are the Crucial Things Guitars Do Not Come With?

Most beginner packages have almost all the crucial things that you would need. However, not all the packages come with high-quality items for beginners. Below are the things you should not miss out on when getting started.

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The Tuner

Tuner is among the important accessory to have as a beginner. If your getter is never tuned, you’ll forever experience terrible sound. With the help of smartphone apps, you can install more decent tuners at a lower cost. However, when buying a tuner, ensure you’re purchasing a chromatic tuner. The reason is that the chromatic tuners are known to be more accurate. The accuracy is brought about by the range of pitches the tuner can hear.


This is also among the critical tools most players utilize. When a beginner or expert, following a rhythm, could be challenging. And it is of importance to training following a rhythm. Also, like the tuner, you can download the metronome and get it for free or at a cheaper fee. However, there exist metronomes from music stores that you can buy. They are normally combined with a tuner, so you can have both in one combination.


Normally, capos clamp along with the guitars fretboard over the spring. Their purpose is to enable you to change the key while playing chords of the same shape. They are very helpful when playing unfriendly guitar song keys. They are also best when dialing the key to suit the tone of music you’re playing.

Which Are the Best Straps for Acoustic & Electric Guitars?

Whether you believe it or not, not all straps work best on every guitar you come across. Technically, you can use any strap for your guitar, but be sure that you won’t get comfortable using them all. Below is a breakdown of the straps that work best on different guitars, either acoustic, electric, or bass.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Straps

The only difference you’ll likely notice between electric and acoustic guitar straps is how they get attached to the guitar. Normally, one side of your guitar has a button to attach to the strap, while the other is equipped with a string that ties to the guitar’s neck.

In some cases, you’ll find the guitar balancing while playing is interfered with. If you need to improve the balancing, you can add an extra button on the base of your guitar’s neck.

Acoustic guitar buttons are unlike electric guitars. Normally, electric guitars come equipped with ready-to-go two-strap buttons that make attachment easier. If you’re creative enough, you can add an extra button to help improve the balance of your guitar while playing around the chords.

Bass Guitar Straps

Normally bass guitars are heavier when compared to acoustic and electric guitars. So longer and wider straps could be necessary to support the extra weight of the bass.

However, most straps have added padding and are longer to make them more comfortable and lighter. Expect extra expense for such extra features. Also, bass straps are expected to be thick. This is to minimize the chances of wearing out faster.

Wider straps are also a good fit. They are the best for a bass guitar because the pain you can feel on the shoulder from the strap is normally minimized.

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What Should You Look For to Get a Comfortable Guitar Strap?

The market is full of different types of straps. So, where will you start if you want to end up with a comfortable strap? If you are to try the strap, you’ll probably waste a lot of time trying the many types of straps. Below are features to look for the best strap that will provide enough comfort when playing.

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Average inches of guitar straps are normally 2 inches. Such narrow straps are far better when playing lighter instruments. However, wider straps range above 3 inches and are the best fit for heavier instruments like the bass.


A more comfortable strap is expected to have a length that can allow easy and enjoyable play. Most players fit on strap lengths ranging between 40 to 60 inches. Depending on the length, you can adjust the strap to suit your requirement.

If you love your guitar hung low when playing, then a longer strap should be your choice.


Under frequent use, the chance of wearing the strap and buttonholes to stretch is high. The last thing you do not want is your guitar to smash down when in the middle of a performance. If you should prevent the risk, invest your guitar with a locking mechanism. That done, you’ll comfortable experience a better play.

Pros and Cons of Button Lock

They are inexpensivePressure when screw driving can damage the wood
Easy to install 


Strap material is the most comfortable feature of all time. The materials determine the comfort you’ll experience and are normally of different prices, durability, and performance. The strap material you’ll likely get in the market is polyester, leather, nylon, and cotton/canvas. Each material has its performance.

For the nylon strap, they are more comfortable and durable. They could serve best for you. to get extra comfort, nylon, cotton, and polyester normally has padding to enhance extra support and comfort.

If you want to end up with the best strap that is comfortable, you’ll need to do trial and error until you get your choice.


Guitars normally come with a strap. Most guitar models have a single button. You’ll need to install an extra one for your strap to balance. However, the straps coming with the guitars are usually cheap and are there only for a start. Depending on your choice, they can be uncomfortable to use them. If you need a strap that will be more comfortable to use, you’ll have to consider some factors. The factors include; material, length, width, and lock. If you experience challenges selecting the best strap for you, you’ll have to try them until you end up with the strap comfortable for you.

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