How Big is a Half Size Guitar?

A half-size guitar is also known as a halfie, and it is great for children who are learning how to play the instrument. If you are thinking of starting your kid with guitar playing, you have to think of what is the best size of guitar to get for them. You might ask yourself, how big is a half-size guitar? Well, get the answers here.

A half-size guitar is roughly around 33 to 34 inches long. It is great for a child to use with a height of four feet and three inches. This guitar is great for kids who are just starting out playing the guitar.

In this article, you will learn about half-size guitars, such as their shape, size, sound quality, and much more. Aside from that, you will know the difference between a half-size and a full-size guitar, who it’s good for, and the different strings it comes with.

All About Half Size Guitar: From Shape to Sound

As mentioned above, the half-size guitar is perfect for children who are beginning to learn how to play the guitar. Using this type of guitar can make the finger exercises easier to do. It will also make learning chords way easier.

Now, adults can also use half-size guitars. These types of guitars are great for people who have trouble reaching the lower tones or upper frets on a regular-sized guitar. Also, half-size guitars mostly have a mahogany body.

The necks are made from okume, rosewood, or maple. It is also commonly used as a practice guitar or a travel guitar.

Shape and Size of a Half-Size Guitar

The size of the half-size guitar can vary from different models. However, the size should not exceed 34 inches, or else it will be another story. The width should also be around 13 inches; when the body is wider, it won’t be under the half-size category.

When it comes to the look of the body, there is no difference from a full-size guitar. You can only tell the size difference when you place them next to each other. Since a half-size guitar is smaller than a full size, it won’t sound as good.

The Sound Quality of a Half-Size Guitar

The half-size guitar has low string tension, which means it will go out of tune quicker. The strings are loose compared to a full-size guitar, so you must tune them at least once per hour. Beginner guitarists can bend the strings without planning to do it.

When this happens, it can change the way the power chord and other chord sounds. Even though it is not as hard on the fingertips, you may need to tune it frequently. Tuning takes time and it can be a hassle, especially when you are new to playing the guitar.

Consider a half-size guitar as your practice instrument. It won’t be good enough to use on live performances since you must try different gauges before settling for the best sound. A half-size guitar can also be used to play different styles, such as classic or pop.

Are you a novice who is still learning how to play or use the guitar? This is your best pick! The half-size guitar is perfect if you want to have informal jam sessions.

Reliability of a Half-Size Guitar

The reliability of your guitar would depend on how often you use it and how well you take care of it. You can choose from manufacturers like Ibanez, Fender, or Gibson. Each brand is known to produce quality guitars, so you can never go wrong with these manufacturers.

Now, you wouldn’t want to overspend on your half-size guitar. It’s not wise to do this because you will be moving to a full-size guitar once you get the hang of playing. You can spend your hard-earned money on a more beautiful and better full-size guitar.

Other Features to Consider With Half Size Guitar

The features of the half-size guitar are not as different from a full-size one. It is easier to choose half size when you know what parts can be improved. The most important feature that you need to consider is the tuning mechanism of the guitar.

You want your guitar to sound great. It is also best to get different accessories with your guitars, such as guitar picks, tuners, or capo.

Remember that without proper maintenance, half-size guitars can easily decay. Get all the materials you need to ensure your guitar is well taken care of.

Half Size Guitar: Who Is It Good For?

The half-size guitar is available for both acoustic and electric guitars. As mentioned above, the half-size guitar is great for young students, specifically for kids five to eight years old. This age is great for kids who are just learning to play the guitar and for those who are mature enough to learn something seriously.

The age bracket mentioned above can capture what they learn easily. Aside from kids, these guitars are famous for travelers and backpackers since they are easy to bring along.

How to Measure Your Guitar

To properly measure the guitar, you must measure the entire length, from top to bottom. It goes for both acoustic and electric guitars. To measure the scale length, you have to measure from the nut to the bridge. To get the total length, measure from the end of the body to the headstock.

To get the measure scale length, it would be the distance from the bridge to the nut. You can also measure the 12th fret by multiplying the measurement you get from the scale length by two.

Type of Strings of a Half-Sized Guitar

There are different types of strings that come with half-size guitars. The strings are available in nylon and steel. Electric guitars also come with steel strings. Once a child has developed hand and finger strength, steel strings are not much of an issue, and they can manage to play with these types of strings.

If you plan to change your child’s guitar, make sure that they feel like they need a new guitar type. You can also ask the teacher if they are ready to change guitars.

At most times, children start at five and nine years old using half-size guitars but can transition to a different size in between when they feel like they are ready.

Half Size Vs. Full-Size Guitar: What to Know

Aside from the size, other differences come with half-size and full-size guitars. Half-size guitars measure 34 by 13 inches, while a full-size guitar measures 40 by 15 inches. The scale length of a half-size guitar is 20 to 24 inches, while a full size is 24 inches.

With a half-size guitar, it doesn’t have high string tension, as mentioned above. A full-size guitar maintains string tension, leading to instruments being in tune most of the time. Now, a full-size guitar can produce a characteristic-rich tone that cannot be achieved by a half-size guitar.

Lastly, a half-size guitar is cheaper than a full-size guitar which is pretty reasonable, especially when this will be your first ever guitar.


Half are perfect for kids learning how to play the chords and the guitar overall. These guitars are also great for adults who are always on the go. The guitar is compact enough to fit anywhere you might go. It is also great for those who have small hands and trouble moving around the guitar. Aside from that, it is cheaper than the full-sized guitar!

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