Is a Guitar Stand Necessary?


You probably bought a new guitar and wonder how you’ll store it. Maintaining your guitar at its best is one way to go, but ensuring long-term safety could be challenging without using proper ways of storing the guitar. Besides the many options you could use, is a guitar stand necessary?

A guitar stand is unnecessary, but it could be great if you have one. It’ll help ensure the guitar’s safety by preventing any chances of falling or going out of tune so quickly. If you do not own a stand for your guitar, there are several options you can use to place your guitar.

If you want to know the alternative ways to place your guitar and the different types of stands for guitars you’re likely to find in the market, then do not tire up reading this article. It could be of great help and give you more options to place your guitar.

Which Are the Different Types of Guitar’ Stands Available?

If you find your stand not suiting your desire, multiple options exist. They all depend on the size of your pocket.

Acoustic guitar with guitar stand

Multi Guitar Stand

If you have multiple guitars to store, a multi-guitar stand could be a great deal for you. This stand has several parts to store the multiple guitars you want. These types of stands need a reasonable amount of money to purchase. You can shift to the next option if you do not have one.

A-Frame Guitar Stand

A-Frame guitar stand is good for both acoustic and electric guitars. You’ll find it easy to take your guitar on or off without getting hurt.

Before purchasing, you should check if the stand suits your guitar because of the different stands for different guitars you’re likely to get; stands for bass, electric and acoustic guitars.

Hook and Wall-Mounted Hanger

If you want an easy and safest way to hang your guitar, then no worries, this choice greatly serves you. You’ll be able to put your guitar by using brackets together with hooks. However, make sure the hanging instrument is firm and sturdy so your guitar won’t fall off.

Which Are the Alternatives to a Guitar Stand?

What will you do if you run out of stand options? What can you do to store your guitar safely?

Whenever your stand break, you could be too lazy to replace it. If you have alternative options, you won’t find it challenging storing your guitar.

Place the Guitar in the Corner of Your Room.

If you run out of options, the safest way to store your guitar is by leaning it against the wall in the corner of your room. The idea might not be great, but it ensures guitar safety. Whenever you lean your guitar against the wall, turning knobs and snares won’t touch the wall. Therefore, the chances of getting damages will be minimal.

Guitar standing at wall

Make a Guitar Stand Yourself.

If you have the skills and the correct tools, you can make a guitar stand whenever you run out of options. You can use wood to make them stand, or steel guitars stand if you have the materials. Using such materials, you could ensure the stand is sturdy enough to hold your guitar safely.

Store the Guitar in a Gig-Bag.

Using a stand exposes the guitar to dust and dirt; to safely store away from such agents, you can store your guitar in a gig bag. Use a coat hanger to hang the bag safely, or you can place it under the bed.

This option is best mostly for home players who never like always to leave the guitar out. When you place your bag under the bed, it is safer than when exposed in the room.

Place the Guitar Against Something Else That Is Sturdy.

Sometimes, you find no place to place your guitar safely, and something steady could be available. Such things could be of help to safely lean your guitar. Ensure the guitar does not slide or slip to prevent it from falling on the ground.

How Could a Stand Be Bad for the Guitar?

Nitrocellulose May Chemically React With Your Guitar Stand

Generally, guitars with nitrocellulose finish degrade over time, making the welcoming appearance disappear. When the finish gets worn out, the finish becomes more vulnerable to any chemicals, including the rubber used in making the stands.

Guitars with nitrocellulose finish in an unsafe stand could leave marks on your guitar. This could make your guitar nastier, especially when the marks are in black.

Cheaper Stands for Guitars Are Too Compact.

In my opinion, cheaper stands are never worth the money. Therefore, they’ll only work well in the starting times, but as time moves, they become more compact. You could end up spending more money on other accessories for your gears.

With time you may own several guitars, and maybe needs could be nuanced and specific. So, using a cheaper stand will not do the trick.

Cheap Guitar Stands Are Unstable.

Most players suggest that cheap stands work well in uncongested places. But whenever you’re in a high-traffic place, using a sturdy stand is what you should have. Such stands could prevent your guitar from falling off in case of someone bumps onto the stand.

One of the best ways to identify an unsteady stand is by observing the legs at the bottom of the stand. For a sturdy stand, it has strong, thick, and long legs at its bottom, which make it not to roll over in case someone bumps it.

Is It Fine to Leave Your Guitar on a Stand?

Unless you have kids who could knock the stand or use a case humidifier to humidify the guitar, otherwise it’s fine leaving your guitar on a stand rather than putting it in a case when not playing it.

Although the rubber could damage the finish, using protective gears on the stand could ensure longer life of the guitar. Therefore, leaving your guitar on a stand is entirely safe unless it’s unsteady and has thin legs at the bottom because it could end up toppling whenever someone knocks on it.

Pros and Cons of Guitar Stand

Ease of accessCan cause accidents
Sets the playing mood Can damage your guitar finish (rubber reaction)
Prevents clutterCan leave black spots on your guitar
Assures guitar safety from sliding  The legs get damaged easily


Guitar stands are not necessary for your guitar. There are many options to use in case you do not own a stand for your guitar. Although the stand is unnecessary, it’ll be of great help if you own one, especially when the stand is strong enough and sturdy. Stands could help in ensuring your guitar stays safe for a longer time. If you have no money to buy one, you can make a stand if you have the skills, materials, and tools. You’ll get the chance to take the stand steadier and fit for your guitar.

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