Can You Play Acoustic Guitar With Headphones?


Getting pro with acoustic guitar demands time and practice- Spending days running your finger up and down to make the perfect melody. As much as you enjoy practicing, others might get annoyed by the sound. Practicing quietly is the best way to deal with it. But can you play acoustic guitar with headphones?

You can play an acoustic guitar with headphones as it features headphones output. All you need is a ¼-inch audio jack. If you are using A3, consider having an adapter. The adapter makes the connection effortless and delivers unbothered sound waves.

How to Play Acoustic Guitar With Headphones?

Practice makes a man perfect; that is what you must urge in your life. But practicing at 3 am, don’t you think your neighbors will be hitting your door the next moment?

Plugging in headphones and cutting from the world helps best practicing quietly. Although, acoustic guitar features a muffle or mute option that doesn’t let you hear what you are playing.

woman sitting on the bed and playing acoustic guitar with headphones

Using headphones is the best way to play guitar quietly, listening to what you are playing without disturbing others. Connecting an acoustic guitar with headphones depends on what amplifier or pedals the guitar features.

The latest updated models feature a headphones output jack. Hold the guitar in the air and look for the headphone label at the top or front. If you don’t find the headphones output jack, look for a ¼ inches output jack. This jack is idyllic for connecting microphones, headphones, and other playing devices.

How to Play Acoustic Guitar Quietly?

Being a passionate guitarist, all you want to do is practice all day and night. Plugging in the headphones with your acoustic guitar is one of the best ways to practice without disturbing others. Yet, there will be days when you don’t have headphones. 

Do not worry; here is how you can play acoustic guitar quietly;

  • Try practicing in a quiet room like a studio or basement. 
  • Try palm practicing as much as you can. It will make you less noisy and is also an excellent technique for the funk genre. Things will be more challenging at first- but practice will make you lead the way.
  • Place a small cushion underneath the acoustic guitar. It will make the guitar less vibratory and hence less noisy.
  • Feedback busters are also second to none when it comes to reducing noise. Feedback buster will also help you improve your performance.
  • Stuff the soundhole with a napkin or T-shirt. The dampened soft material will absorb the sound and reduce the volume.
  • Wedge, a foam piece under the strings, will also help solve the issue. Yet, you will have trouble while practicing.

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How Do You Listen to Music With an Acoustic Guitar Connected With Headphones?

As simple as it may sound, things will differ when you begin the process. The most straightforward way to connect headphones with an acoustic guitar is with the headphone’s output.

Although there is nothing wrong with the direct connection, it would be better if you used an amplifier. The amplifier will filter and improve the sound waves for crystal-clear outputs.

Use the small adapter of your headphones and connect it with the amplifier. Lastly, plug in the adapter with the acoustic guitar, and you are good to go!

The major drawback of using the amplifier is the wire clutter. If you are new to amplifiers and wire connections, you will have the most trouble establishing the connection.

Can You Play Acoustic Guitar With Headphones Without an Amp?

Why not? One of the best points about the acoustic guitar is the crispy and rich sound response, even without an amp. You can still play acoustic guitar with headphones if you don’t find an amplifier to connect with the headphones or the headphones lack the adapter port. An additional amp is to purify the sound further.

What Is an Acoustic Guitar Headphones Amp?

A headphones amp is a device that balances the low-voltage audio signals to sound waves. This conversion of signals from the sound source to speakers inside your headphones also balances the sound level.

Following are the options you will find when opting for the right headphones amp for acoustic guitar;

Micro/Bug AmpThis connects directly with the guitar. One end features a connector, while the other hand has parameters.
Mini AmpAs the name suggests, a mini amp is space-saving and operated by a battery. A clip is often available to fasten the amp on your shirts or jeans.
Guitar AmpThese are small devices with multiple amplifiers. In simple words, it is a whole framework consisting of everything you need.

Is It Safe to Use Headphones With an Acoustic Guitar?

Getting too loud will surely damage your hearing. Think about it; you are wearing the headphones for hours and continuously hitting the strings. The continuous sound is hitting your eardrum, damaging your damage.

boy playing acoustic guitar with headphones

Try taking a break instead of continuous listening. It will help your ears breathe and be comfortable. Also, do not prefer having over-ear headphones as they will put a weight on the ears and suffocate them. The in-ear design, on the other hand, is a better option to keep the ears relaxed.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Acoustic Guitar?

It all depends on how updated your acoustic guitar is. If your acoustic guitar features a wireless connection, you are one step away from establishing a Bluetooth connection.

About whether you should connect the acoustic guitar with Bluetooth headphones, you shouldn’t! The frequent dropping of Bluetooth signals will also drop the beat, ruining the practice session.

The Bottom Line

Headphones are an excellent option for a dynamic and quiet practice session. It not only allows you to be in your comfort zone without disturbing others; but also lets you focus on the beat carefully.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have headphones for the acoustic guitar, make the practice session quieter with the other ways mentioned above. Lastly, make sure to stun all with your skills.

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