Can Electric Guitars Be Played Without Electricity?


Like any other instrument, playing guitars can be exciting and enjoyable. However, the amount of satisfaction is quite subjective. You may want to spice things up by going to enticing or calm environments like beaches, waterfalls, or any other touristic site. Typically, some of these sites may not have a power supply, and you may have pondered whether electric guitars can be played without electricity.

The short answer is this! Yes, electric guitars can be played without electricity! Like acoustic guitars, electric guitars contain strings that vibrate and produce sound when picked or strummed. The neck and body will intensify the sound by vibrating with its strings. So, it is possible to play an electric guitar without electricity.

This article discuss all you need to know concerning this topic. So you want to read to the end to learn more!

Can electric guitars be played without electricity?

As stated above, electric guitars can be played without electricity. This is achievable because numerous ways exist to power a guitar, including batteries, an acoustic amplifier for an electric guitar, and other methods.

Also, your sound quality won’t be the same when you play an electric guitar without power as it is when you do. You can find the new sound to be excellent or bad. Its evaluation is subjective and depends on how the novel sound affects the concept you wish to advance.

Furthermore, the sound you will get from playing an electric guitar without electricity will not be loud enough, like playing an acoustic guitar. Additionally, electric guitar amplifier models have been transformed into acoustic amplifier models. These amps are battery-operated and typically have a microphone input on the rear that you may connect to a computer or laptop.

How many types of electric guitars exist?

There are two types, the purely electric, which requires electricity before it can work, and the semi-acoustic, which can work without electricity. The guitar that works purely on electricity has a very different tone from the acoustic guitar. As mentioned above, playing an electric guitar without electricity produces a sound that is less than 20% of the sound of an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, semiacoustic produces a sound nearly as loud as an acoustic guitar.

Why do electric guitars need electricity?

Understanding why an electric guitar needs electricity can best illuminate our answer to whether or not electric guitars can be played without electricity. Generally, electric guitar designs permit them to work alongside amplifiers. The amplifier is the device that needs electric power for better sound production. So if there is no electricity, the amplifier attachment becomes useless. However, the electric guitar is still playable without electricity, though perhaps not to its full potential.

The truth, therefore, is that using electricity is not a do-or-die affair. The major contribution of electricity is to amplify sound. If you desire to play guitar for practice, a very loud sound may not be necessary, which you can get without electricity.

Is unplugged electric guitar loud enough?

Playing an electric guitar without electricity is the same as playing an acoustic guitar. Most users will say they are playing an electric guitar acoustically. Research has proven that an electric guitar can produce the sound of about 60db without electricity. A sound of 60db is loud enough even in the same household to hear, especially at night; It is as high as the sound of a normal speaking volume or as high as the sound from a sewing machine.

How can you play electric guitar without electricity?

If there is no electricity, and you still want to enjoy the same sound quality from your electric guitar as you will when there is electricity, you may employ any of the following techniques.

  • Battery. You can use batteries to play an electric guitar without electricity. A 9-volt battery in a guitar can power the onboard electronics, including the built-in tuner. Also, you can employ discarded 9-volt batteries to connect to the input jack on your guitar’s back if it runs out of power. It’s crucial to remember that many guitars lack this feature and are designed to be permanently connected to an amplifier.
  • A home stereo system. An amplifier is most likely already a part of your  this system. Since it intends to boost the sound from a record player or other audio source on its route to the speakers, this doesn’t function precisely the same as an amp. However, the fundamental idea is the same; you might only want an adaptor. You may plug your guitar into the home stereo system. Utilizing the proper cables is essential. For instance, you might want a particular adaptor to connect the guitar amplifier’s 14-inch jack to the 18-inch input. But this is only possible if your stereo system has a “aux input.”
  • USB interface on a PC or Mac. This is one method that many people now use to connect to and play their guitars. The electrical signal is amplified by the interface converting it to signals that your PC comprehends. This is tremendously helpful for laptop or studio musicians. You can plug in headphones to listen in solitude if you like rather than using the computer speakers to hear what you are playing.
  • You can use the software. Guitarists have a wide range of options regarding software on their computers. You may have to install software if you purchase a certain guitar interface. This software could assist you in raising the guitar’s volume while offering effects like compression, reverb, and delay.
  • You can use portable devices. These days, there isn’t much that your phone or iPad can’t do, and you can even connect an electric guitar! There are ways to link guitars to telephones ( that is, Apple or Android devices). The ease of use of iPads and other such tablets may make them preferable.


As discussed in this article, playing the electric guitar without electricity is possible. Electricity is typically used to power the amplifier that functions with an electric guitar. Therefore, if the volume is not an issue with you, get your electric guitar and use all the information above to get the best out of it.

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