Can You Use Furniture Polish on a Guitar?


Let’s say you are in a band and the other guitarist in your band has an ever-glowing guitar. And after every performance, you want to ask him if he got himself a new guitar or if he uses furniture polish on his guitar regularly but he’s not much of a talker, so you can’t ask. So, you leave every time with the question, can you use furniture polish on a guitar?

Well, you cannot use furniture polish on a guitar. Polishing a guitar keeps it shining and glowing like it was just newly bought. But, if you are thinking of using furniture polish, you should not. It is not the best option to use on your guitar. It would be best if you did not use furniture polish with or near your guitar. It will dry out the woods and cause them to crack. 

Why? You ask…

Furniture polish contains silicone in them which damages the wood the guitar is made of. Well, not immediately. It, first of all, exposes the wood and dries it out thereby making it prone to cracks and other damages.

While furniture polish is made to provide a very good shine to your furniture and with very little effort too, it is quite the opposite for a guitar. Although it might make your guitar shiny, its residues accumulate over time and build up over time. It is not healthy for the finish on your guitar. Furniture polish as well as most house cleaning agents are not healthy for your guitar.

If cleaning a guitar is more damaging than beneficial, there is indeed some argument. A seal or coating that is designed to protect the finish is produced when you polish a guitar. But I’ve discovered that many finishes don’t benefit from waxing or polishing, and the result is more aesthetically pleasing than useful. In other words, it only offers beauty and nothing else to your guitar.

Over time, wax and polish buildup can cause your guitar’s sound to become muffled, almost as if it were covered in a bed sheet.

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Acoustic Guitar?

The short answer to this question is No. No type of guitar, including the acoustic guitar, should be polished with a furniture polish or even polished at all. Well, that is if you mean using a polish. But if you want to use the good old soap and water, then that’s okay.

Man’s hand about to rub liquid polish from the nearby bottle

Can I Use Furniture Polish On My Guitar If It Has Scratches?

The scratches on the guitar make using furniture polish on your guitar a very hard No. When polishing a guitar with scratches, the polish will get stuck in the scratches. It won’t be very easy removing the polish from the scratch. And leaving the polish there will make the scratch very obvious. So, instead of using furniture polish or any polish at all to clean your guitar, you should use a proper guitar polish or at least soap and warm water with a damp cloth.

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Guitar Fretboard?

A fretboard is still a part of a guitar. And when a part of a guitar is damaged, best believe the damage will spread to the rest of its parts. As I’ve stressed earlier, using furniture polish on a guitar poses more threats than benefits. You can use the furniture polish only if you don’t mind having a shiny guitar now and a now faulty guitar later. If not, then you should not use furniture polish.

Can I Polish My Guitar With Normal Polish?

Use only a tiny bit of guitar polish to wipe down the guitar using a delicate cloth. The polish can be used to clean the cloth, and the delicate fibers of the cloth will bring back its shine. There shouldn’t be any polish residue left on the hardware since this could corrode the metal. To ensure that no residue is left, you have to clean it very properly.

What Is Safe Other Than Furniture Polish To Polish My Guitar With?

While the best option for cleaning a guitar remains soap and warm water, there is a cleaning agent you can also use. It is the only safe household cleaning agent that is quite good enough to be used to clean a guitar. It is white distilled vinegar.

Guitar Master Polishing Electric Guitar with Cloth

Other than the distilled water, there are a couple of products you could use to clean your guitar. Naphtha, professor green instrument polish, and green waves hydrate. They are recommended products (tested and trusted), safer to use, and give your guitar the right shine it deserves.


It is a lighter fluid. It is a mild, high-flash solvent that is suitable for the majority of finishes. It is also a very effective cleaning agent for rusted saddles and bridges. Although it does not damage the guitar, it can be quite toxic. So if you use naphtha, I advise you to use a mask and gloves because the liquid and vapors are harmful to humans. Avoid using open flames close to it since it is extremely combustible!

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Planet Waves Hydrate Conditioner

Unlike naphtha, the planet waves hydrate conditioner is non-flammable and non-toxic. It helps to remove dirt and oil with ease, even though the guitar fretboard has a finish or not.

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Professor Green’s Instrument Polish

This is more of the best option among the three products. It is a natural-based polish with no harsh effects. Some might even call it a guitar soap. Because it cleans more like a soap than a polish. It is very efficient at cleaning specks of dirt, oil, and sweat and even cleans and keeps the guitar from experiencing oxidizing effects. Thanks to the fact that it is water-based, you can use it to clean your guitar without leaving any residue or smears on your guitar.

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Cleaning your guitar is better than polishing it. In other words, using simply a mild soap and water to clean your guitar, in the absence of guitar polish, is way better than using furniture polish on it. The furniture polish might give your guitar a shiny look but not any health benefit. At least with the soap and water, you don’t have to be too careful when cleaning your guitar unlike when you are using furniture polish.

A lover of his instruments will learn and do everything possible to keep his instrument safe and good-looking.

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