Can You Use a Guitar Strap for a Banjo?


Questions have risen globally among guitarists about the universality of the guitar strap. There could be a chance the debates to continue if research is not conducted and concluding results are provided. From our side, can you use a guitar strap for a banjo?

You can use guitar straps for a banjo. You can use a guitar strap to attach to the open back or a banjo that has a resonator. The strap can tightly fit the space between the banjo rim and the head tightening bracket. The straps can be made of leather or any material used to make the straps.

If you’ve never tried, you could find it difficult to fit a guitar strap on a banjo. So, the ‘know-how’ knowledge could be important to both professionals and beginners. If you need to learn how to attach a guitar strap to a banjo, then you are in the right place.

This article provides detailed information on every question that you need answers to.

How Can You Attach Banjo Straps?

Firstly, the banjo has different endings when compared to guitars. You’ll find buttons at the endings of the guitars. These buttons help in fixing into position the straps. But it’s different with banjos. Banjos have brackets around their resonator or head area. So, to correctly fit a strap, you need something that can securely get wrapped around the pegs.

A banjo player on a street

Unlike a guitar strap, a banjo strap gets attached to the banjo brackets on the sides, holding the resonator head in place. There exist several designs on how you can do this. But the known and best design is hook and clasp attachments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Strap Button

Easy to insert strapStraps holes get stretched by the buttons easily
They are cheaper to install   

Why Should You Get a Banjo Strap?

If you love playing banjo, you find it crucial to have the support of the banjo when playing. And what will you use to get the support? A strap, right? Then if it’s so, you should consider having one. Below are the reasons to have a strap:

Free Movement

You probably do not want to get destructions when playing your banjo. So, whenever you miss a banjo strap, expect the destruction of holding your instrument in place while playing. So, you can eliminate such issues whenever you use a banjo strap. For example, your hands will be free from holding the banjo. So, you can pay maximum attention to playing rather than holding the banjo.

Another crucial thing is that the stool won’t be shackled for you. You’ll be free to dance and even hop around while playing.

Offers Banjo Protection

If it weren’t for the banjo, you would be playing your banjo while seated on your chair. So, the straps help prevent your banjo from falling when playing while standing. The straps help secure the banjo while moving around while playing. You’re missing the fun if you’re not using a strap when playing your banjo. If you love using banjo straps, you’re less likely to suffer banjo damage from falling off. The straps will help in securing your banjo around your body.

Better Performance

If you love conducting stage performances, then using a strap is necessary for you. Straps help to ease moving around while engaging with the audience. Besides, straps will help you perform easily without the hindrance of holding your banjo.

Some of the banjos are extremely heavy. When conducting stage performance, you’ll have to bear such weight. Besides, you won’t have to be seated for a long time throughout the performance. So, a banjo strap will help bear the burden for you. Wider straps help in reducing pressure around your shoulder. So, straps help in offering relief from the banjo weight.

Improved Technique

Now you experience the freedom of movement, have a better angle, and the banjo is secured around the should, and the weight is no longer felt. You’re bound to an improved technique as well. Your wrist and arms are likely to be more relaxed. Also, you can naturally position them, making the movement easier.

For now, you do not need to secure your banjo with your hands. Using the straps, you’ll focus maximally on positioning fingers and perfectly strumming around the chords. You’ll benefit from an improved technique when using the strap for your banjo.

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How Can You Select the Best Banjo Strap?

If you want to select the best strap, make your priorities first. Write down the features that matter to you, like durability, aesthetics, and comfort. You may want to get comfortable using your banjo straps, but you should know that it’s not the only benefit.

Depending on how often you use your banjo, select a more durable strap for that option. Choosing such a strap could minimize the chances of wear and tear. However, the strap length is also an important feature to look at.

Before you select the strap, know the length you require. If you’re tall, selecting a longer strap could serve the best. On the other hand, if you are shorter, select a strap best fitting for you. But get to know that straps are adjustable, so if you’re short, you can adjust a longer strap to fit your height.

So, the things to look at before selecting a banjo include:

Playing banjo with strap

The Material

Banjo straps exist in different materials globally. However, the common materials you’re likely to find in the market include suede, leather, nylon, and polyester. Every player has their preference and choice. But, if you’re a beginner, selecting the best material could be challenging.

However, if you’re to go for durability, leather can be the option. Leather straps are popular among several musicians around the globe.

But, if you find it confusing to select the material, seek guidance from a pro player. Pro players tend to know more about the best material for your strap, unlike beginners. You can also try different materials. The material of the strap that you’ll get comfortable using could be the choice to have.


A crucial point to note doesn’t go for the slimmer straps. Why? Straps width determines the pressure distribution around your shoulder. The wider strap tends to distribute pressure more than the slim straps. So, you’re likely to bare less the weight of your banjo when using a wider strap.


Before you buy a strap, ensure it offers decent padding. More padding means a better performance of your banjo. Padding helps to reduce the weight around your shoulder. And you could end up comfortably playing your banjo for a longer performance.


You can use your guitar strap for the banjo. Guitar straps can comfortably get attached to the open back of the banjo with a resonator. Also, you can tightly fit the strap between your banjo’s rims and the bracket head. However, traps come under different materials and lengths. Before selecting the type of material and length of the strap, it’ll be best if you keep your choice and preferences straightforward. Also, the material you choose will determine the durability of the strap. If you frequently use your banjo, select strap material that is durable and comfortable around your arms.

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