Why is Guitar Better Than Piano?

The two most popular musical instruments, guitar and piano, have always been in fierce competition. Especially amongst the general populace, guitars are regarded to be the better instruments.

If you are new to the instrument world and want to choose either of the two for yourself, you must know why one is rated higher than the other.

Guitars are considered better than pianos for the following reasons:

  • Guitars are cheaper
  • Guitars are more mobile
  • Guitars are easier to learn to play
  • Guitars better accompany voice singing
  • Guitars are more fun
  • Guitars don’t take as much space
  • Guitars are easier to maintain

All these will be explained, and we will look at other places where the piano is better than the guitar.

Why Guitar Is Better Than Piano

A quick survey among musical students and enthusiasts would be enough to show that guitars are more popular and more people own or want to own guitars compared to pianos. What could be the cause of this? After all, people don’t just pick one option unless they see a clear reason it is better than the other.

While both instruments are great in their respective niches, guitars have some advantages over pianos. Of course, it remains to be said that pianos also offer some benefits over Guitars.

Some detailed explanations of why guitars are considered better and more popular than pianos are given below.

Guitars Are Cheaper.

Financial implications always affect whatever decision we make. This shows as in grocery shopping as it shows in picking a musical instrument to acquire. While a beginner’s guitar and beginner’s keyboard cost around the same amount, beyond that level pianos are consistently more expensive than guitars.

Guitars are more mobile.

This is another great point in favour of guitars, especially among casual music fans. You can lug your guitar around anywhere unlike the piano that you can only play in the comfort of your home. Want to go to the park and play? Check. Play at shows check?

How often do you see a piano at shows? How often do you see a piano on the streets? Gotcha!

Guitars are easier to learn to play.

It is also easier for amateur adults to learn how to play the guitar than the piano. In a shorter period, you get decent enough skills to play the guitar while singing most songs. While kids can more easily learn the piano because of its easier layout, understanding play by adults is easier with the guitar. Also, you can very easily learn to play the guitar by yourself. In contrast, self-learning how to play the piano is a very hard task.

Guitars Don’t take as much space.

If space is a consideration for you, the guitar is a fat better instrument than the piano. Piano takes up a constant portion of home space because of its size. You can always hang guitars on the wall or place them in a corner of the room or a closet.

Guitars are easier to maintain.

A guitar owner can do much regular maintenance of their instrument, unlike a piano owner. Pianos hold a very high tension in their strings and require careful maintenance. While you can tune a guitar by yourself, you have to pay to tune a piano. Also, in cases where you want to replace a part like strings in Guitars, you can do it by yourself and the parts aren’t expensive either. In contrast, piano parts are neither cheap nor easy to get, and you also need professional assistance to have them installed.

Although guitars need tuning more frequently, this is something you can do by yourself with the right know-how.

Guitars are more fun.

When making, say, a trip to the beach, it is highly unlikely that a piano can be more useful. This is a consequence of the mobility of the guitar and also the fact that the guitar is considered to be more fit for bright music that is often associated with fun.

Guitars better accompany voice singing

When singing alone to playing, it is better to use the piano. It is very easy to learn songs with the guitar because

There is a better community and support around guitars.

This is another great point, especially for beginners. Since there are far more people who play the guitar and it is easier to get others that play the guitar, you can more easily have a community of guitar players. This helps with growth and allows you to share your playing easily.

Benefits Of Pianos over Guitars

As the two main competitors for the crown, it is not that clear-cut that guitars are better than pianos all the time. This is because there are places where the latter edges the former.

  • It is easier to learn musical fundamentals: While it is easier to learn to play the guitar than the piano, learning the piano gives more knowledge about the principles of music theory. This is because every key is more arranged in a systematic layout compared to the strings of the guitar.
  • It is easier to learn for kids: The physical setup of pianos makes them easier to learn by kids than guitars. Unlike guitars, there are no calluses formed on the fingers after you play for some time. Also, guitars require more coordination because you need to form chords while strumming at the same time, which might not be available to kids.
  • Pianos need fewer accessories: Because pianos are built to have every possible notes, they need fewer accessories for a full musical experience than guitars.

Looking at these, it is clear that while pianos seem to be good for musical theory and children’s learning, there are far more reasons for a regular person to pick guitars as their instrument of choice.


Two of the most popular musical instruments are guitar and pianos. While both are considered excellent for different reasons, the guitar is considered to be just a bit better by the general populace. This is due to certain reasons like mobility, ease of learning and less financial outlay.

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